The Age Of Consent



MORE same sex propaganda.

Miss Panti writes:

Everybody, whether LGBT or not, has a role to play in getting the marriage equality referendum passed. It’s important to let people know it’s important to you.
With that in mind, designer Niall Sweeney has put together a whole range of  images like the one above which are available for anyone to use. They come in all sorts of formats, JPEG, GIF, PDF, ready for online sharing, printing as posters, t shirts, stickers… whatever you want! You’ll find them all at the Dropbox link here. Have a look through them and use any you want and please share the link widely. Thanks.

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8 thoughts on “The Age Of Consent

  1. Anomanomanom

    Off point but, I can’t stand panti bliss. He’s up there with bono for most annoying irish man. Although I am voting yes.

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