31 thoughts on “Designs On Your Money

      1. Soundings

        But doesn’t your heart break at yer wan’s cracked voice?

        I imagine Tony O’Reilly cries with real emotion every time he hears it.

        1. Mike

          I imagine loads of slicked and naked reptile bondholders in Switzerland thrashing with greasy and hedonistic abandon in a bottomless pit of taxpayer euro notes. And that ad is projected onto the immeasurable walls surrounding their sordid cash orgy.

    1. Adam

      Helen, that wasn’t the full email. Links and all that jazz near the end, all run through the aibbank.ie domain, a domain that isn’t even configured properly.

  1. Bacchus

    I tried using AIB’s business internet banking but it’s a complete mess, a labyrinth of multiple passwords and logins and enough for me to drop that account…. of course dropping the account is a whole other labyrinth.

    1. Odis

      I have just the same problems with my AIB account. I found the easiest way to deal with it all was to leave that side of it to my wife :-)

  2. JollyRoger

    They probably use it primarily as a marketing/email domain but

    domain: aibbank.ie
    descr: AIB Ltd
    descr: Corporate Name
    admin-c: AAR691-IEDR
    tech-c: SB221-IEDR
    registration: 17-July-2001
    renewal: 30-September-2015
    holder-type: Billable
    wipo-status: N
    ren-status: Active
    in-zone: 1
    nserver: ns0.dns.dotmailer.co.uk
    nserver: ns1.dns.dotmailer.co.uk
    nserver: ns2.dns.dotmailer.co.uk
    source: IEDR

    person: Caroline Rowan
    nic-hdl: AAR691-IEDR
    source: IEDR

    person: Ascio Billing
    nic-hdl: SB221-IEDR
    source: IEDR

  3. Hank Hannon

    My colleague and I both customers, refreshed our browsers and tried to Login. He got old screen graphics (he has 1 month old laptop and brand new software. I have a pc and reasonably new windows and web browser. He got the old login screens, I got a mixture after clearly cookies!. Totally confusing and led us to believe it was a scam. What’s scary is the old system was full of bugs and far from secure. This looks and feels far worse. God help OAPs who were uncomfortable with internet banking to begin with.

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