Some Assembly Required




Parliament Buildings, Stormont, Belfast, Co Antrim Down  today.

In preparation for this weekend’s third Red Bull Crashed Ice [hurtling on ice skates] event  of the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship.

Tougher than the peace process.

Colm Ó Riagáin writes:

It starts in front of  Stormont Buildings and passes right next to the 12-foot high statue of Lord Carson. Along the way down the hill there are five tough turns and two big bridges – the parliament bridge and Carson bridge. One of the most irresistible features of the Belfast track is a scintillating U-turn wall ride right before the 100 international and 40 national athletes in the competition make a mad dash to the finish line….


Take that, Cú Chulainn.

Red Bull Crashed Ice in Belfast

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