Royalty Screwed



A promo for the Irish music industry by the Irish Music Rights Organistation (IMRO)

They say:

Based on sectoral analysis, the survey [by the  Socio Economic Opportunities of Developing Ireland’s Music Industry] found that the Irish music industry contributes over €470 million to the economy and supports more than 11,510 jobs in Ireland – 9,030 direct, 2,480 indirect. In addition, while digital sales in Ireland have grown significantly, latest figures show that in the four years to 2012, recorded music sales fell by almost €40 million from €72 million to €33 million per annum….

But how many in digital sales anyone?

Via Big O Media.

6 thoughts on “Royalty Screwed

  1. Manolo

    It says on their website that when one pays them a ‘license fee’, that “This tariff applies to performances of copyright music within the repertoire controlled by IMRO”. However, they don’t volunteer anywhere what is included in their “repertoire”.

    There is no info either about how much money goes in admin and who receives the leftovers. Sounds like some infamous charities. Saying you are a not-for-profit is a joke. All you have to do is spend as much as you can on wages and bonus and there is no profit to talk about….

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