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A solid ash ‘vibration-absorbing’ cyclocross bike by Amsterdam-based designer Paul Timmer.

The bike weighs in at just 11kg, uses a more durable belt rather than a metal chain and has a split front fork and solid handlebar to preserve the grain and strength of the wood.


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34 thoughts on “Wooden Fixie

        1. Joe the Lion

          Elm, willow tree the board, to wi’a grain of saw, yew beech?
          Yew saw me sick, ah – more, cr-oak!

  1. Digs

    It’s stunning, but there’s a very good reason why people tend not to make bikes from wood. It’s probably the same reason they tend not to build cars out of wood.

      1. parky Mark

        I’ve ridden the Woodelo, it’s a really nice bike. Couldn’t deal with this Dutch one with only one gear. Nothing makes me grin more than someone trying to look cool while struggling to cycle up a steep hill on a fixe.

    1. Mikeyfex

      WHAT! My image for you is you on a fixie going over La Touche bridge listening to Beach House ‘Wishes’ smiling about the poolbeg towers and the coffee you’re gonna have that no one else only a few close friends know about, in a nice hat.

      Need to rethink it ALL now.

      1. Sheila

        Ha :)

        I do love how you called it La Touche bridge – yay!

        I do like a warm hat… nice probably doesn’t come into it, practicality over style me.

        Also while I love coffee, the coffee in these new hipster coffee house is just awful. I don’t see the appeal.. 3Fe etc. Just give me an Americano that’s HOT and regular in size. No your regular is a small, your large is a regular.

      1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

        Most bikes have a free hub, so you can stop pedaling, when you like. With a fixie, you have to keep pedaling, as the hub is fixed in place. Great for the velodrome, kinda dangerous for every where else.

  2. Derval

    A solid handlebar?
    What a brilliant idea for a bike!
    My arms are always really sore after cycling into town on my bike with non-solid handlebars.
    This changes everything.
    It will make cycling so much easier.

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