A ‘Was It For This?’ Hero



Irish-American patriot Kevin Westley.

On a mischievous wild goose chase.

Go to your local big box stores, buy all the t-shirts emblazoned with drunken stereotypes you can find, keep them in your garage or car trunk so they never see the light of day, and return them promptly on March 18. “Put them on your credit card and you never spend a dime,” he told IrishCentral.

Irish American buys all of Walmart’s offensive t-shirts, will return them March 18 (Sheila Langan, IrishCentral)

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10 thoughts on “A ‘Was It For This?’ Hero

  1. wearnicehats

    Given the number of Irish people who use St. Patrick’s Day as an excuse to get rat-arsed, T-shirts like that are really more typical than stereotypical. I wonder if Paddy’s Day was afforded the same licencing laws as Good Friday would the country be as interested.

    1. eric cartman

      paddys day will always be about drinking. thats not going away. If it wasnt a pissup I wouldnt care, and neither would most people.

  2. shitferbrains

    “I invite everyone, especially my brothers and sisters from the Ancient Order of Hibernians and Lady’s Ancient Order of Hibernians

    Only Catholic Irish are offended ?

  3. edalicious

    Having spent a Paddy’s day in the States, our celebrations pale in comparison to the boozing that goes on over there. Not that I didn’t join in, but I was a bit shocked at how hard they go at it!

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