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MORE to folly.

Thanks Nick Sutton (UK covers); Kevin Cramer (The Irish Examiner); Enda Cunningham (The Galway City Tribune); Brian Oliver (The Irish Times); Paul Murphy (The Irish Sun); Meliosa Fitzgibbon (The irish Daily Mail)

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16 thoughts on “De Friday Papers

  1. Soundings

    Has someone done googly eyes on Jihadi John in The Times?

    No blanked story for the Irish Times?

    David McWilliams or David Carusso?

    Has press seen sense (and decency) about reporting of O’Hara trial?

    And Aer Lingus, has press twigged they’re being played for chumps in a multi-billion business transaction?

    So many questions ……

    1. Ms Piggy

      what has been indecent (in the main, excluding the tabloids that are always tasteless about everything) about the coverage of the O’Hara trial? I keep seeing complaints about that, but I don’t see what’s wrong with it. Most reports are straight reportage of evidence given in court.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Yes, I’ve been following the trial and don’t believe the reporting in the broadsheets & RTE is indecent at all. It’s professionally factual.

      2. Soundings

        Things like usernames on the BDSM websites, – masturbate4menow – which were then tied to witnesses who were identified and photographed as they left the courts. The minutiae of the deceased’s sex life and mental state.

        Contrast the RTE reporting of the O’Hara trial with the murder trial of the mother and child in Kerry. I know they were Latvian and foreign, but there were sexual aspects to it, and the reporting was just matter-of-fact and related the main aspects of the case.

        The reporting in the O’Hara case seems to me and to some others to be so intrusive as to be damaging to the reputations of witnesses, and hurtful to those related to the main players, and may well deter witnesses coming forward and giving evidence in future trials.

        1. Ms Piggy

          I can certainly see why some of the witnesses would rather not have been involved – and of course much of the evidence is hard for families and friends of those involved to hear. But that’s true in many court cases, especiallly murder trials. The details about sexual activities and contacts between individuals are, in this instance, absolutely vital to the case, however. The evidence is largely circumstantial, so the prosecution have to establish a lot of minute details about the precise behaviour of both the victim and the accused, as well as the precise details of their contact with each other. And given that their relationship was based on sex, and that the prosecution’s case is that the precise details of that sex are also the cause of death, then every single detail of it needs to be rehearsed in court. And therefore it needs to be reported in the press – since I don’t think any of us want to live in a society where we could be put on trial for murder with no press coverage. In that context, I think RTE and the main newspapers have been doing a really good job of honest and open reporting.

          1. Soundings

            I see where you’re coming from, but there’s a fine line isn’t there. No-one is saying a murder trial shouldn’t be reported, we have a relatively open judicial system and a murder trial is at the top end of seriousness.

            No-one is saying the reporting is inaccurate either, but some people – I’m one of them – think the reporting is so detailed and so damaging to witnesses (who aren’t suspects) that (a) it’s unnecessarily hurtful to those involved and their families and (b) it’s damaging the judicial system because potentially vital witnesses in future cases may be reluctant to volunteer evidence or cooperate with investigations for fear of having their reputations destroyed.

          2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly

            There just seems to be so much coverage. It may be honest and open but such minutiae day in, day out? It’s all so sordid and, I think, unnecessary. God love her, and her poor family. And his family too. Horrendous.

            I hope this ends up with a fair result. I was worried it was all too circumstantial, but they seem to be building a more solid case.

  2. My Left Testicle

    Which one of those rags introduced a subscription during the week?
    I can’t remember.

    All I can should say is that I saw a thing on Reddit called ‘9 ways to get around the paywall at xxxxxxx.’
    -Not that it’ll be of any use to anyone. Those who know how to use Google PROPERLY don’t want to read opinionated crap like that anyway.
    -But that’s another discussion, for another day.

    Don’t you go looking. Pay the money.

    Are they gone?

  3. Frilly Keane

    “Miracle at Mayo General”

    Give’em their due now
    Thats a cracking headline in the Oirish Sun

  4. ollie

    so fg/labour were prepared to use the army against irish citizens to protect the private banking sector. remember this when you cast your vote.

  5. edalicious

    Wow wow wow. Garda reform and Labour getting their finger out on the whole abortion thing on the same day?! What’s going on?

  6. mehhh

    If you have a touch of the ginge, with a ruddy Oirish complexion, a pair of aviators highlights rather than distracts. David Mcwill, ditch the badly fitted suit and the cheap glasses, it shouts 1980s boy at local debs.

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