Pawblacht Na hÉireann



Tell the cats to freak.

Gavin Feiritear writes:

Photoshop competition to win tickets to see White God‘ [acclaimed 2014 Hungarian movie about a dog revolution] at the Light House Cinema, Smithfield, Dublin. Some brilliant entries so far including above.

Match the breeds with the patriots anyone?

Light House Cinema (Facebook)

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10 thoughts on “Pawblacht Na hÉireann

  1. Sinabhfuil

    MacDonagh’s a golden retriever, Pearse a beagle, Plunkett a poodle, Clarke a husky, Connolly a Yorkie, MacDermott a Scottie, anyway.

  2. Frilly Keane

    Was it for this?

    Indeed. Apparently.

    One Irish Breed.
    And a might_get_away_with with that handsome (probably) Kerry at the back. And I’ll pretend one of ’em is a Glen of Immal cause he has a look of one and has the same colouring.

    Or maybe
    They’re all bitches


  3. Stewart Curry

    Were all these breeds in existence back then? If they were actually dogs, would this be historically accurate?

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