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    1. ABM

      “Miscarriage” eh? The story has a strong whiff of something society doesn’t like off it.

      1. Frilly Keane

        Would that be the smell of Choice
        By any chance?

        Lifestyle Choice

        ( please don’t get irate with me lads for poking ABM with this. I’m as disgusted by the publication of trial ‘s word by word too. And can’t even bring myself to think about Elaine’s family. But defending an adult’s right to choose must be kept up. Rigorously. No matter how unmannerly some be see it)

        1. Joe the Lion

          True but even a stopped clock is right twice a day. ABM is quite correct to spot this anomaly.
          Strong argument for abortion on demand though – for the psychologically unwell.

        2. Ms Piggy

          I know I’ve said it before, but the trial should be reported closely. His conviction or acquital will be on the details of what items of his/hers were found where and when, exactly when they met or communicated, and the precise nature of their relationship, most particularly their sexual relationship, since the prosecution’s case is basically that this was a sexually-motivated murder. All murder trials must be agony for the families of the victims (and the accused for that matter), but they still need to be reported. I don’t see the need for any particular squeamishness about BDSM or sex toys, and they’re not incidental to the case, they ARE the case.

          1. Clampers Outside!

            How do you know it was murder? The trial is ongoing.

            A very likely answer could possibly be death by misadventure… sex games gone wrong. And then maybe panic, and dump the body.

            No one knows now, but the person who did it.

          2. Ms Piggy

            Yes, quite true. But all the more proving my point that this case is entirely about sexual details and behaviour, so there’s nothing gratuitous about reporting them.

          3. Zarathustra

            I’m guessing here, but I would imagine Mr O’ Dwyer’s counsel are using Ms O’ Hara’s sadomasochistic exploits, and her mental health issues against her, in a bid to show that either he didn’t deliberately murder her, or else she killed herself (accidently or otherwise). She had a history of attempted suicide, but if Dwyer did kill her, then maybe it was part of his motivation in thinking he’d get away with it.

            Whatever the outcome, it’s a sad, tragic case, and I can’t imagine what the families on both sides must be feeling; it’s irrevocably changed all their lives, that’s for sure.

          4. Joe the Lion

            There’s almost no forensic evidence linking Dwyer to the scene, the body or the murder weapon and even the story about the paint on the spade backfired, all prosecution can say is there was a new spade in Dwyer’s garden some time after the death of O’Hara. Dwyer’s gonna walk and an incompetent prosecutor will be exposed as having put both his wife and O’Hara’s family through public ridicule for no valid lawful purpose.

          5. Kieran NYC

            There’s a difference between evidence being reported at trial and sensationalist headlines splashed all over print, radio and television in a “Look at her, the sick slut. Let’s all pore over her sex-life” kind of way.

            A moralistic, Catholic-guilt, holier-than-thou attitude to sex, especially sex that is considered outside the ‘norm’.

      2. Clampers Outside!

        Do explain yourself ABM, what “society” is that?

        Is it the one where you demonise women, the society you live in, the one being stomped into the ground where it won’t ever sprout again, that one? I do hope it is.

        1. Joe the Lion

          Well of course it is. Now I think about what ABM was saying, it was undoubtedly some kind of snarky reference to ‘bisexuals’ fathering ‘illegitimate’ children based on previous form.
          What a fupping douchebag.

  1. B

    That piece by caroline odoherty on the front page of the examiner is pure inverted snobbery. Im no fan of the odonnells and you spell beemer that way! so well done de paper. up ballywaltrim.

    1. Malta

      I think the headline in the Indo on the topic sums up most people’s attitude. it’s not inverted snobbery, it’s disgust at their greed.

    2. Frilly Keane

      I think Caroline was aiming for funny
      In a quirky snarky AA G style attempt
      But missed
      By a long shot

      It was a great opportunity for a daycent bitta lampooning

      Unfortunately D’Xaminer put it wide

    3. Joe the Lion

      someone in Killiney loses home to bank – front page news, stop the press

      thousands of middle and lower income families raped by banks – who cares

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