Free Saturday?



Irish Times journalist Kitty Holland and United Left Alliance TD Clare Daly will speak at an event called Fighting for Abortion Rights: The Case for Repealing the 8th Amendment.

Among a number of LEFTIE talks at the Resistance Student festival, from 11am to 1pm at Trinity College Dublin organised by the patently sinister Socialist Worker Student Society.


Clare Daly and Kitty Holland: ‘Fighting for Abortion Rights: The Case for Repealing the 8th Amendment’ (National Women’s Council of Ireland)

Socialist Worker Student Society (Facebook)


8 thoughts on “Free Saturday?

  1. Atlas

    Wasn’t a stiff rebuke delivered to these lefty types by the good students of Trinity College when they rejected their anti-water charges dogma in a referendum?

      1. Atlas

        Given that lefties have nothing better to do at university than campaign for pointless causes, that mere 46% exaggerates the loud minority at Trinity.

  2. My Daddy is bigger than Yours

    Kitty Holland abandons journalistic independence to come out in favour of abortion? I am shocked!

  3. Kieran NYC

    Curious as to whether that hidden word on the “Irish Water are a shower of” poster is what I think it is.

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