24 thoughts on “FINDAC’s Magnificent 7

  1. Digs

    Just because you film something doesn’t mean it’s beautiful. I think the portraits are very ordinary.

    1. Parky Mark

      Yeah, I see these portraits everywhere I go these days. How about just some grey walls instead? And it would be great if someone could film them too.

        1. Manolo

          Opinions about artwork are subjective and personal, so no point going too deep into that. I don’t think it is a competition either. Yes, there are great works in that link, but that doesn’t mean the artist is better or worse – there could be a scope for each project.

  2. wise up

    You sad sad people. This was somebody doing something genuine and artistic. Congratulations Trevor it looks deadly.

  3. Mikeyfex

    Hi Admin, this doesn’t crash my phone when I open it. Have we reached a breakthrough with articles including Vimeo clips and android?

    1. Manolo

      Yeah! Finally. There was no BS client update, nor a Vimeo update. The only change I can think of that may have solved the problem is the Android 5.0 update. Did you get that update recently?

      1. Mikeyfex

        No, I’m still on 4.4.2 actually. I didn’t think there was any BS update recently either but I update automatically so wasn’t sure if I just missed it. The vid plays in-app and if you tap the video again it then takes you to Vimeo site. Which is why I’ve asked; not sure where the improvement has come from.

  4. Fatman Scooperman

    Very nicely shot and edited video of an artist at work creating very striking images. I like.

  5. lita notte

    -great colloboration by two irish artists just trying to do what they love doing.
    -finding routes and opportunities to express their creativity.
    -love the work.
    – love that they got together.
    -love that dublin has something in situ from a global graffiti artist currently ranked number 6 in the world (with banksy at number one FINDAC is in great company).
    – go visit at Gibson Hotel if you havent already and spread some pride in those Irish who dont sit around judging people but just get on and do things that energise and surprise.

  6. Papa don't reach

    Great vid, nice piece, glad to see quality film and artwork like this in Ireland

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