For Your Consideration: River Runner



River Runner.

A documentary about the incredible aquatic life in Cork’s River Lee.

And a bream come true for director Declan O’Mahony.

He writes:

River Runner came about through my fascination for the lovely River Lee. I was schooled on Sullivan’s Quay at the iconic South Gate Bridge in Cork City.

My grandfather, a hairdresser by trade in the City, fed the neighbourhood with wild salmon back in the 30’s and 40’s.  Stories of him heading off on his push bike early Sunday mornings with a bunch of raggedy kids in tow enthralled me as boy.

The story on the river Lee is so broad and detailed, so full of characters, stories, history and especially multiple interpretations of what happened in the past 60 years! I made it my mission to establish the truth What really happened here on the Lee in the 1950s and what is happening today? Such as:

If the law states that migratory fish cannot be denied free passage up and down their natal rivers how with two 70 foot dams to negotiate are the salmon managing on the Lee?

– A vast riverrine forest delta on the Lee river that was clear felled to enable the production of electricity? One of only FOUR such river forests on the planet?

– Compulsory purchase orders issued to 39 families, eradicating a unique forest dwelling community…River Runner is a sixty minute film that took two years to create

River Runner is currently on release at Omniplex theatres and opens in will open in Bantry Cinemax on World Water Day, March 22 for one week.

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  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Watched this only because of the superb poster. Well done all and good luck with it.

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