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  1. Clampers Outside!

    And just ahead of International Women’s Day this Sunday, and women’s week next week…. and Una’s birthday on Sunday….

    Stay classy Arnott’s !

    (There’s only one Una round here as far as I know)

  2. Atlas

    Good to see the Magdalene nuns deciding our sexual morals for us again, this time with the full support of Ireland’s feminist elite.

    Though this is probably a bit much in fairness…

    1. Casey

      What an intelligent considered comment this is…..

      WAH WAH WUMMEN WITH AN OPINION – OMG – YOU ARE ALL FEMINAXIS …… although completely right about this being wrong.

      1. Atlas

        Read my intelligent, considered comment again you dingus. I didn’t dispute that the t-shirt was ‘probably a bit much’, I just don’t like that the same people who ran the fuppin’ Magdalene Laundries are the ones saying it. I’m at a loss as to why the NWCI, Ivana Bacik etc allow themselves to be associated those monsters.

        1. donkey_kong

          I don’t think it too much. I think it’s a silly but harmless t shirt,.
          I object to society pandering to this battalion of outragees.

          1. Atlas

            I’ll take better care in drafting my internet comments in future if the word ‘probably’ rattles so many radfem cages.

    1. Vote Rep #1

      Do Arnotts have buyers or do the different brands in there bring in the clothes themselves?

  3. Thomas

    I think they should have left them on sale as a public service, it’s good to be able to visually identify a complete tool without having to waste time talking to them until their inner twat comes to the fore.

      1. Atlas

        I thought this was a ‘won’t somebody please think of the children!’ outrage, as opposed to a ‘women don’t have the right to be sex workers/have control over their own bodies cos I think it’s icky!’ outrage?

      2. Clampers Outside!

        Fupp diet Coke, so long ago that…. it’s all about the ‘directors bulge’ and women commenting on the size of a man’s penis in order to sell chocolate to women, airing any time of day from kids morning times to afternoons and evenings… but sure, you know that’s just whataboutery…..

      3. Paolo

        The company I work for exploit my skills for money. Everyone who is paid to do something is exploited. Models are exploited for their ability to look good in clothes. Should they be banned too?

        Back to the dark ages with ya!

      4. ahjayzis

        Stupid response.

        I only meant that when I see a hot, hot hunk of manly goodness girating on a pole, I think mmmmm, he hot, me want. I don’t assume he’s some poor victim.

        But when you see a woman doing the same, it automatically says to you she’s a powerless victim?

        There’s no context to this image, you most likely haven’t read the book, but somehow you think any woman who would even think about shaking her money maker on the stage is a pawn of some sinister oppressor?

        Sex trafficking and modern slavery are dreadful things – but if this was a picture of an Indian woman at a sewing machine you’d probably think it was just a picture of an indian woman sewing something – and not a slave worker.

        You’re the misogynist who thinks any woman using her sexuality as she sees fit must be coerced (or a whore?), not me.

  4. Mr. T.

    That’s what happens when an old respected department store becomes a collection of concessions.

  5. Optimus Grime

    I remember when my father took me to my first pole dance! I had never visited mam at work before!

  6. Ride This Pony

    Shocking! I’ll have two please.

    Hardly worth getting ones knickers in a twist. If one was wearing any.

    Magic Mike, I can’t wait to get my knickers in a twist, who doesn’t like a bit of Channing Tatum.


  7. Paul Davis

    Lets hope they don’t find the laptops and tablets that Arnotts sell.

    They will have a heart attack when they find out what pictures are on them…

  8. ahjayzis

    A female stripper does not equal a coerced prostitute or trafficked rape victim shackled to the floor.

    Some women, shockingly just like some men, make their few bob from dancin’ dirty.

  9. Truth in the News

    The Magdalene Nuns have been reincarnated possibly by immaculate means
    into the new Vice Police…..possibly taking up where Frank Duff let off.
    Whats the relationship between some Religous Orders and Ruhama….?

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