12 thoughts on “Shhhh!

  1. Rep

    When does the mass extermination of cutesy hipsters begin? We’ve put up with this crap for too long.

  2. Blublu

    Just down the road from the Rents(I think), I can confirm that this has been there for quite a while!

  3. Roj

    Nice idea if you ask me.

    Seems like everything that’s a little different is ‘hipster’ these days. I hate hipsters but this isn’t what i’d consider hip.

  4. Eliot Rosewater

    When is a library not a library?

    Random books in a box is not a library. It’s just random books in a box.

    1. Stewart Curry

      You’re right, this isn’t a library, it’s just a collection of books available to the general public for borrowing. Totally not a library.

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