Dermie writes:

Love the amount of space given to the protestors latest march in yesterday’s Irish Sun, although still less than they deserve…


‘Tell the truth!’ Protesters rally in Ireland against ‘biased’ national broadcaster (RT)

Saturday: Meanwhile, In Montrose

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14 thoughts on “Media Bias

  1. Nicola Carroll

    Fupp ’em!

    Derek Byrne can suck my FAT ONE whilst he’s living it up “having a great time” in the Joy.

  2. Vote Rep #1

    There was a daily protest outside about for ages about anti-catholic bias by RTE. How much space in the media did that get?

  3. jojjo

    Protests by IRSP, These are people who want Ireland to become a communist country, idiots. Checkout their website, its hilarious

  4. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

    More of the usual from the same old commenters.
    Oh wait, no it’s a whole new bunch of people.

    Welcome to Broadsheet

  5. B

    The Sun prides itself on having all the News. There is no Media bias against the water protestors.

  6. Rob_G

    I doubt even water protesters themselves would wish to read a two-page spread on water protests every day.

  7. Mister Mister

    Maybe it’s just not news any more and the majority of sensible people are fed up with those idiots.

  8. Dubloony

    I would like a proper debate about water, the protests and all related matters.
    I’d like the protesters to list all specific complaints (without yelling, invoking the 1840’s, 1930’s cliches) and those for the water changes to relate why these changes are necessary, answering each of the specific complaints (without calling protesters thugs, sinister etc (though some of them are))

    And I’d like it not to be chaired by Vincent Browne who does’t let anyone get a word in edge ways.

  9. collynomial

    Is 150 people that much? I have no idea. I mean the turnout at the last election was 2,220,359, 150 people is 0.006755664% of that, but it is far easier to go down to the local national school than it is to take the trip down to Montrose, even for those 73,105 people who turned out to vote in South Dublin of which 150 people is 0.205184324%.

    Maybe better not to compare to voting turnout, but rather, another protest, one which did garner considerable media attention (although according to the protesters, not enough RTE attention) according to the Guardian 100,000 people protested water charges in Dublin in December 2014, that means 0.00015% of these people turned up to RTE to protest.

    Instead we might compare the size of the reported protest (150) to the size of the predicted protest, which according to Russia Today the protest was expected to be in the thousands, being generous, in order to be in the thousands, that would mean two thousand protesters were anticipated. 150 people is about 7.5% of the expected turnout.

    Turning back to elections there were 165 people elected to the Dáil, the number of protesters doesn’t even match that, and given that these 165 people make decisions which frequently don’t make the papers is it so surprising that these 150 protesters got so little coverage?

    1. Markus

      I did all my calculations only to see you’d already made the point. the sooner the better these protesters realise they arent representing the majority and realise they are now an ever shrinking minority the better

      1. collynomial

        Regardless of their size, I wouldn’t deny them their right of protest. In fairness, the paltry turnout suggests that while a lot of people can get behind the water charge protest, because it is something tangible which affects them directly and measurably, the media protest is a bit more nuanced.

        Additionally, given the water charge protests were largely organised by social media, I can believe that water charge protesters don’t believe in the relevance of RTÉ and traditional media coverage.

  10. spork

    i for one witnessed this protest. i found myself sitting in traffic hoping for that silver jeep stunt driver to show up.


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