A bouquet from award-winning Flowers by Moira and a box of LIndt Lindor chocolates all delivered to YOUR ma before Sunday were on offer.

We asked first for an apology to your Mother for any outstanding misdemeanors, uncouth behaviour or simple petty purse larceny.

You answered in your dozens.

Runners up:

Menace: “I had a gaff party about ten years ago ago and one of my friends leaned against our wall and it fell over. She blamed a delivery van as well as the craftsmanship of those who built it after I had pieced it back together without cement and left it until she noticed it 6 months later. Sorry ma!”

Cool_Hand_Lucan: “I would like to apologise to my mother because I robbed £10 from her handbag when she was asleep to pay for a taxi for my drunken teenage girlfriend to get home after said girlfriend raided my mother’s drinks cabinet. Sorry mum!”

ahjayzis: “Christmas I shamed her after finding three empty boxes of this exact chocolate stowed under her bed from where she spent all of Stephen’s Day recuperating from the dinner making day before…

schweddy: I would like to apologise to my mother because about once every 2 months I visit my parents and spend a weekend eating them out of house and home! And the mother makes her lasagne (my favourite meal of hers) when she knows I’m coming home which is just a really thoughtful mammy thing to do!”

Pray For Mojo: “I would like to apologise to my mother for hiding her hairbrush when I was eight- I could not handle another tortuous round of “detangling”. Jaysus I was a right little b. Sorry mammy.”

LeDubFrog: “I would like to apologise to my mother because no parent needs to find their son asleep on the kitchen table, clad only in his boxers, in the early hours of a Tuesday morning.”


Garthicus:“I would like to apologise to my mother because the money I would have spent on her flowers and chocs went on a Cheltenham accumulator that was set to win until Annie Power fell at the last fence, now she’ll have to settle for a handshake unless I win this super prize :-)”

Thanks all.

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Thanks Joanne

20 thoughts on “A Sorry Lot

    1. Don Pidgeoni

      But its not racist according to the great and good BS commentators because they aren’t a race….

      *slams head on desk*

      1. John E. Bravo

        Not only the commentators judgement in question here – it’s debatable whether Admin’s decision to edit out the (marginally) problematic remark is tactful and so a sign of good judgement, or something a little more pernicious.

  1. Murtles

    My niece is called Annie Power. Because of that horse and my lost accumulator, I have already submitted papers to the courts to have her name changed by deed pole. My sister doesn’t know and well Cursajaysusonyaruby Walsh (previously known as Annie) will get used to it by the time she turns 6.

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