Broadsheet Trailer Park: Let Us Prey



What you may need to know

1. We’re loving the new wave of Irish horror movies: The Canal (2014), Grabbers (2012), Citadel (2012) and now this. What about a Rawhead Rex (1986) remake?

2. Brian O’Malley has been one of our best (and most prolific) commercial directors for years. You’ve all seen his stuff, you just haven’t realised it.

3. Let It Prey is his feature debut, shot in Galway and Glasgow. It’s already been described as ‘Carpenteresque‘. We’re down with that.

4. LIAM CUNNINGHAM POWER. All hail our most underappreciated big-screen badass and choice Game Of Thrones beardie. What about that seventeen minute single take scene in Hunger (2008), then?

5. It’s getting an Irish premiere at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival later this month.

6. We say: future cult classic in the making

Screening: Friday March 27, Light House Dublin

3 thoughts on “Broadsheet Trailer Park: Let Us Prey

  1. Stumpy

    Liam Cunningham is an absolute ledge-bag, and this looks like a great wee flick. Anybody know how long I’ll have to wait to download/purchase it above board, like?

  2. jeremy kyle

    “What does the lion say to his friends before they go out hunting for food?”

    Actually looks quite good.

    And by good I mean extremely graphic.

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