A Slice Of Dublin Life




A role model-free fracas as big as a melee.

Choreographed Out of control late night dining.

‘Bob Crawler’ writes:

A dramatic fight (!) scene in an Apache Pizza. A candid ‘slice’ of Dublin’s often violent street life

Where is your Fergus Finlay now?

Viewer discretion adviNOMNOMNOM


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128 thoughts on “A Slice Of Dublin Life

        1. Mick Flavin

          -Penis pump?
          -Plastic bag full of monkey glands?
          -Pornographic one-man play starring, written and directed by Tom McGuirk?

    1. Sinabhfuil

      Hang on, though, these are actors, right? Ms Pigtails and the guy beside her already seem to have “bloodied” faces as she strolls in at the beginning of the video.

      1. AlisonT

        They do seem like actors from the quality of the camera work, the fact that most people seem sober and the boyfriend at the end quickly knowing exactly who to go for even though he evidently didn’t see the events. if it was real then it is actually an invasion of privacy to film a victim like this even in a public place as people in this situation are considered by law to have an “expectation of privacy”.

  1. neil

    Meanwhile, around the corner in DiFontaine’s, everyone’s dancing the Macarena while yer man behind the counter flicks the lights on and off.

  2. Timmy

    disgusting stuff, as is the norm in Dublin. shame on yer man trying to stand on someone’s head, thats just not on and shame on yer man who did nothing but film and then send it in here. grow some backbone’s.

    1. LiamZero

      In fairness, it is disgusting stuff but I wouldn’t say it’s the norm in Dublin. Sure Ray’s is around the corner, as is Skinflint, and they both do nice pizza. I’ve heard DiFontaine’s is good too. Don’t tar all Dublin pizzerias with your comments.

      1. Party mark

        The kind of people who eat pizza from Apache don’t consider the fare from skinflint pizza.

    2. Paul

      I think it’s great to put this stuff up on YouTube. Guards and senior guards and people in government might watch it and put more resources into the area. I don’t think there’s many capital cities in Europe that have such a weak police presence on such a busy night. If that was in Paris or London or Madrid there would be a flurry of police all over that immediately. Not in Dublin where “sorry, we have no cars available” is the norm from the Gardai.

  3. stealingthemichael

    Amazing what quality of video can be captured by mobile phones these days. Its almost like watching an episode of love/hate in high definition. Is this staged by any chance?

    1. Alan

      I think the proper camera orientation, inbuilt shake reduction, very well lit scene and a sober camerman who may be a proponent of Dogme 95 really leant to this…

  4. squiggleyjoop

    How lovely it would be to be knocked unconscious and wake up to see a video of you all over the place. Not good fellas.

    1. ahyeah

      Lingering shot of girl unconscious on the floor, camera panning across her exposed upper thighs… camera work was actually pretty creepy.

      1. Delacaravanio

        This is real life, not a movie. It wasn’t the cameraman’s fault that she was unconscious or her skirt rose up as she collapsed on the floor.

          1. Delacaravanio

            Since your claim that the cameraman is some kind of pervert is complete bollocks, because all the creepy stuff you allege is due to complete inadvertentence on their part, I don’t think I have.

    1. All the good ones fly south for winter

      A sliver of light between slabs of infinite darkness. Best 12 hours of this nation’s life.

  5. Nollaig

    My last comment being scathingly critical about broadsheet’s decision to post this video, and the privacy of an innocent women knocked unconscious and left on the ground with her panties showing, must have been a bit close to the bone of the editorial who removed it. Classless and classless… But at least we can all toff our noses at the rif raff..

    1. Joe the Lion

      What privacy are you referring to? She’s in a public place. Unless you’re inferring your preference is that she wouldn’t be wearing any panties? You sick fupp!!!

    1. Nollaig

      if she was acting she must be a Hollywood stunt double too. you can clearly she her lose balance and hit the back of her head on floor at speed, without getting a change to break her fall. but enough of that, look at those toe rags fighting.. tut tut

  6. Lisa

    This made me feel sick, what a bunch of scammers. After I pulled my head out of the loo I checked out the YouTube channel it was uploaded to and his profile pic is that of Jake G in Nightcrawler. The guy who makes money turning up to scenes of carnage first (no spoilers). Suitable, considering this guy obviously has a knack for steady camera work.

  7. Wayne Carr

    Inner city Dubs, culchies, and an Englisher… yep, I’m definitely better than all of them! Yeah goys??

  8. Ding

    Walked home sober down Camden St recently. It’s mad the things that go on that I’d normally be oblivious to after a few pints. One girl in heels was like bambi on ice, fell and cracked both knees off the kerb / a guy trying to put a messy kebab in his mouth but kept hitting it off his nose and cheek/ some fella outside the palace couldn’t stand and was using the bike stands as crutches.

    1. ThePeoplesHero

      Have an office on Camden Street. The guards are in every other Monday looking for my cctv footage from the front of my property of the various comings and goings on the street. It’s fairly savage and you can imagine. It’s a street i’m rarely on after 8pm.

  9. Drogg

    Why did the girl who ended up unconscious get involved in the brawl in the first place? She had walked away but then came back and got into the middle of the fracas. No one involved in this is blameless it comes a lot of small mickey waving going on, maybe they should stop drinking is this is the state they get into.

  10. Redbarn

    She smashed her head twice on the ground. That’s not acting. Good boxing movements from the dublin gurrier in fairness

      1. Jones

        Ye I was kinda hoping he would be under the wheel of a taxi when the cameraman ran out after I saw the head stamp

  11. JD

    Anyone else find it odd the sponsored ad on this page is where to find the five best pints of Guinness in Dublin. These idiots are the reason Leo Vradkar is trying to double the price of booze. Stay classy.

  12. Goff

    Nasty crack on the back of the head on a tiled floor, followed by some moron dropping her head onto the tiles again. Hope she’s OK, potential for very serious injury there. What a depressing video.

  13. Kolmo

    Poor staff having to risk their lives serving drunken socially retarded apes every night, no class.
    What problem was going to be resolved by repeatedly challenging the staff member to fight outside? Fighty McTardo needed a slap.

  14. chris

    Would there not be data protection laws coming into play here? These people didn’t consent to being filmed I’m sure.

        1. Eoghany

          Look, you’re both good men, but Jungledude is right, he is making the point that they’re not in their gafs, they’re in a public place- so no privacy issues are compromised. Anyway, it’s not like they were kissing in a public place, they were fighting, and deserve to be shamed.

    1. All the good ones fly south for winter

      Standard consent forms were passed around prior to kick off.

  15. D

    Th cynic in me says this is something to do with that new campaign out-of-control drinking. It’s all just too…perfect.

    1. ahyeah

      Nice bit of authenticity to make the protagonists a bunch of little Englanders if that’s the case.

  16. Ronan

    Not role model free at all. Two great guys. Red bearded fella trying to stop it and calling an ambulance. And clever legend putting her in the recovery position.

  17. Niall

    Hi folks my cousin Matt the ginger hair guy with beard on phone in the apache pizza fight says the incident happens two years ago but was only uploaded to YouTube yesterday.

  18. Eulich McGee

    The people claiming fake are not far off the mark. The violence is probably real but it is far from spontaneous.

    IMHO ( based on 20 years working in nighclubs) the contingent were out for a fight. they want as many people involved as possible. They manipulate a situation to start fighting then hit out at everyone who tries to intervene.

    It’s a technique used by football crews for years, I once saw 8 blokes with synchronised watches all just hit the nearest woman to them in a nightclub at the same time knowing that the resulting melee would be beyond the doormans control, it was, the police had to come in on horses to sort it out.

    It’s nothing to do with drink, it’s just fupptards who like fighting and showing how hard they are. It’s not representative of the English, just a subculture of yobs who are brain dead.

    1. The Old Boy

      Using synchronised watches to start a brawl – that is a nice touch. I do like the image of a few mounted bobbies galloping about inside a nightclub during a riot.

    2. Someone

      The Connemara Ponies that the shades would be on wouldn’t fit through the door.

      Mind you, I reckon the shades wouldn’t fit through the door themselves.

  19. NilNocere

    Spare a thought for the emergency service workers who no doubt had to deal with these flutes.

  20. Frilly Keane

    ‘ save me form watching it again

    The little ücker at the start?
    who was arguing and being a prick to the staff

    Where did he end up?

    Did the lad with the MMA gatch give ‘im any daycent belts?
    ‘Cause tbf, he was looking for one

  21. Sidewinder

    I don’t know about this being role model free. Several people tried to stop a fight in an enclosed space, at least three people came to attend the girl. Sounds like two different people were calling an ambulance. Someone had sense enough to put her in the recovery position and when the fight broke out again and people knew the girl was unconscious the fighters were ejected fairly sharpish.

    While there’s definitely plenty to be ashamed of there, some people did do the right thing.

    1. Ciarán

      Two people trying to ring for the same ambulance at the same time – clogging up the emergency line, or worse, calling two ambulances – aren’t good role models.
      They are the real villains here. SHAME ON THEM!

      1. Bernard

        belly laugh from me. Well done. Had to scroll through 100+ comments to get to it though. 4.5 stars

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