Granny’s Intentions



Grey Pride…

With some reservations.

Samuel Riggs writes:

Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) have unveiled their new #RingYourGranny video, encouraging young people to talk to their families surrounding the upcoming same-sex marriage referendum. The video (above) , which features a number of Trinity students calling their grannies, parents and families, is part of TCDSU’s wider voter registration campaign, which managed to register 3,100 students in Trinity in November. TCDSU are setting their sights high, and hope to register another 1,000 before registration closes on April 29th.

TCDSU (Facebook)

13 thoughts on “Granny’s Intentions

  1. Der

    Great idea, we need to reach the people who are only voting no as they are unsure about the change. Putting the human face on abstract ideas the no side are talking about.

    1. ceo

      Good idea. Think I locked in my old man this weekend. While he didn’t begrudge “the poor divils” the ability to marry, he had concerns about 2 men bringing up children (always the problem with 2 men). Anyway, told him this already happens and is being dealt with via other means. This is where the Ionas of this world will get votes if people like my Dad are sold the children red herring.

      1. Der

        Great work ceo!
        My folks are locked in too, I’m now guilting them into talking to all their friends by reminding them of their “adjustment period” after I came out.

      2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly

        Same with my Mum. She has no problem with lesbians having families. Babies need a mother, see. Two fathers is wrong in her opinion. She’s not to be swayed so I’m trying to get her to abstain.

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly

          I’m conflating marriage with having kids because, no matter how much people say it’s just about marriage, there’s more to it than that, I think. My parents and their friends certainly think so.

  2. joe

    “I know…but I’m just checking”

    Now there’s respecting the other person’s right to disagree!

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