For Your Consideration: A Very Bad Monday



For the day that’s in it.

Director Andrew Barry writes:

I’m an Irish visual effects artist in Framestore London and I thought you might be interested in our short video A Very Bad Monday. We built the cardboard sets and puppets in what used to be the old Donnelly’s Bacon Factory on Cork Street in Dublin a few months back.It’s a mixture of handmade puppets and some minor wire removal and sky enhancement…

Starring Colm Kenny Vaughan and Conor Flanagan; Producer: Ian Jackson; DOP Stephen Walsh and Brian Fortune; Makeup Designer Bthe Young; Sound Engineer John Twomey

8 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: A Very Bad Monday

  1. Ferret McGruber

    Mental! In a good way. I admire the work ethic and artistry. And magpies are scary sh*ggers.

  2. Rob_G

    It looked class, but kind of agree with Jimmy that the story could have been a bit more thought through.

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