Mocked Up In A Studio


JoakimCortisAdrianSonderegger6EdwinAldrinJoakimCortisAdrianSonderegger1StuartFranklinJoakimCortisAdrianSonderegger4MarmadukeWetherellJoakimCortisAdrianSonderegger8CharlesLevyJoakimCortisAdrianSonderegger3ToshihikoSato JoakimCortisAdrianSonderegger2samshere

Celebrated historical photographs painstakingly recreated as miniature dioramas by Swiss photographers Jojakim Cortis and Adrian Sonderegger. What started as a joke in 2012 has since evolved into an ongoing project.

MORE: History’s most iconic Photos recreated in Miniature (Wired)


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9 thoughts on “Mocked Up In A Studio

  1. Soundings

    No wonder Concorde crashed after that fancy loop-the-looping.

    As for the footprint on the moon, I’m about 5% certain that’s how the original was done anyway (it upsets Buzz Aldrin to say that, but c’mon, he’s 85, what’s he going to do).

      1. Niallo

        Conspiracy nuts realy get on my tits, something happens outside the framework of their ability to reason, “ooh must be a conspiracy” muppets.

    1. rotide

      You seem like an intelligent chap who’s opinions i sometimes agree with and sometimes don’t.

      What has made you take leave of your senses to allow 5% of you to believe in utter codswallop?

  2. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

    I lurv slagging and and all them dodgies for reporting Reddit’s second hand news but you broadsheet…I thought you guys were different.

    DAFUQ is this?

    1. TheMightyOne

      I don’t spend all my time on the internet so this is the first time I saw this and I’m happy it was disseminated by broadsheet

    2. :O/

      I love when teen Reddit twonks see a thing harvested on Reddit then claim everyone else harvested it from Reddit.

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