Rope A Pope



The Pope.

And his past.

Staying in tonight?

Melanie O’Connor writes:

Who is Jorge Mario Bergoglio? The Pope who calls himself ‘a sinner’ is, certainly, a man of contradictions. But how did the man who was loved and loathed by his fellow Jesuits back in Argentina become Pope and can he hold the Roman Catholic Church together and reform it at the same time? In a Would You Believe special, Pope Francis – The Sinner airing tonight at 9.35pm on RTÉ One looks at the life of Jorge Mario Bergoglio and what shaped him into the Pope he is today.
“Francis has crystallised a new vision of the church that includes everybody” says Paul Vallely, the Pope’s early biographer. However, not everyone agrees and Mary McAleese, while she likes the new Pope, feels he just doesn’t get women: “there’s a blind side here…that leaves good men…like Francis still carrying a residual element of misogyny that closes them off…”


The Sinner at 9.35pm on RTÉ One.

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26 thoughts on “Rope A Pope

  1. ahjayzis

    I was a kid at the time, but when people initially voted McAleese in was it common knowledge she’s completely obsessed with the poxy church?

    1. ABM

      She’s a prime example of someone who thinks the church should mould itself to her personal ideas (ideas that she hasn’t really thought out very well or published for scrutiny). I would say her radical ideas are over 50 years old – she would have got on great around Vatican II time. Anyway, it takes far more courage and fortitude to do what is right over choosing what is convenient for oneself (and ones family). It’s no coincidence that all this is coming out at the time of a garriage referendum.

      She should know (having studied at Rome and having political influence in Ireland) that she is answerable for the corruption of souls more than any of us.

      1. Jordofthejungle

        If you’re the “real” ABM – don’t you think it’s a bit rich for you, a lowbrow nigh on 24hour internet commenter (which is no doubt a substitute for something missing in your life) and a sexual obsessive, deign to pass judgment on such an accomplished and highly regarded woman as Mary McAleese? You spend your days keyboard bashing, she resolutely does not. Darling, you haven’t as much as an ounce of standing, or locus standi as my Dad might say, to pass judgment or even troll this latest perceived enemy. Troll harder next time loser.

      2. Iseult

        Judge not etc
        Ye staunch orthodox catholic types really don’t practice what you preach, do you?
        Like, ever….

    2. Kieran NYC

      To be fair, she’s not just an unthinking god-bothered. Lady has studied her stuff and is frequently critical of the church.

      If only more religious people were like her.

      1. Odis

        I see. She knows more about the power of the Sky God, than yer average man on the street so?

  2. ABM

    Yawn. Establishment lefty media grinding their axe in the run up to a garriage referendum.

    The emphasis is on the controversy and not anything of substance. Not only have the producers no interest in facts (not to mention knowledge of Catholic teaching), they are afraid to examine church philosophy for fear that they might uncover something that might compel them (or they may have to admit that they are wrong). I suspect also that they’re not intelligent enough to form a reasoned opinion. Most importantly, it’s much harder to sell advertising without controversy + a good dose of church trolling.

    Minority church rabble-rousers such as Iggy/McAleese/ACP/Patsy and the gang have pretty much no place in the intellectual development of the church in the 21st century. Their views were rejected decades ago and the church is busy repairing the damage – they are not about to give them free reign yet again. If they come up with something new, great – publish your opinion and see if it stands up. Those banging the tired dreary drum (and leading souls astray in the process) will be ignored (and face Ultimate Judgement) – they will soon tire and their dead ideas will die with them, thank God.

    Iggy/McAleese/ACP/Patsy don’t want to mould their lives according to church teaching. They seek personal notoriety, media attention and hope to be paid off for their little personal crusade. They want the church to mould to their views. That they still swan up for Holy Communion every Sunday is bizarre.

    1. Annie

      As written by ABM from his rented basement prior to gorging on his nightly feast of gay porn. Got to love ABM.

      1. realPolithicks

        Actually the basement he lives in is know to his neighbors as the Bates motel. “Mother” lives upstairs.

    2. Jordofthejungle

      Fake ABM alert!

      Real ABM never uses term “garriage”. Good for the Lols though. Then again real ABM always mentions the gays – always. Wonder why? Could it be that ABM is himself…Guffaw…

    3. Iseult

      ABM, the end is nigh…
      The church has only a few decades left in it before it falls apart with a whimper
      Find a new cause to champion. ..for your own sake if nothing else

    4. Clampers Outside!

      This always makes me laugh. You’ve a Pope making changes all over and you’re still stuck in the past ABM, with a view of a church that never changes at all. You’re a right muppet, ye poor wee crayther.

    1. ABM

      The last of the dying liberation theology luvvies/aging Hans Kung fan boys (and girls) giving unconfirmed, unverified and undocumented accounts reported as Truth (according to Montrose who appear to know of all that is visibile and invisible).

      1. Annie

        Lols – fake ABM trolling to high Heaven. Why – no one knows – well I suspect it is to make the anti-marriage equality brigade look swivel-eyed loonish but fake ABM, we quite know that. Get a life.

    2. Sinabhfuil

      Dear heart, you surely don’t disbelieve all the broken people talking about how they were raped? Please tell me that you’re not closed to their grief and pain.

      1. Shivynbear

        Oh he is alright, he’s what we used to call a ” holy joe” filling a great big hole in his life with the church, trouble is, these days, the church is frankly embarrassed by gimlet eyed, pseudo intellectual cretins like this.
        Make no mistake, there is no Christian sentiment in this ” person”
        Only reverence for the church for the sake of itself.
        The church per se is not an evil organisation in itself although it has acted as a convenient hiding place for evil people.
        A right little nazi…

  3. Truth in the News

    Could it ever be. that the McAleese’s are involved with Opus Dei
    Why was Martin McAleese slected to carry out a report on Church
    controlled institutions in relation to the treatment residents of these
    places were subjected whilst there.

  4. Rob

    Not that this has anything to do at all with the comments above but I thought it was a good documentary!

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