23 thoughts on “Watching The World Go By

  1. louis lefronde

    The parade itself was a little lacklustre this year, lacking in originality and perhaps not as good as it has been in the recent past

    The crowds were out in force, which is always a positive, especially when it is overseas visitors who are driving the atmosphere…., the organisers might have to come up with some new ideas.

    1. ahyeah

      Thank you, Louis, for that considered and insightful analysis.

      Did you by any chance partake in National Yokes Day?

          1. Janet

            ahjaysis thats desperate machiavélique ! I was gonna cook for him and wrap him and his cat up in a blanket. …

    1. ahyeah

      Almost opposite City Hall, directly above the Queen of Tarts. It’s an apartment building.

  2. roisin

    I’d be interested to know why whomever – the organisers, maybe? saw fit to block off portions of the footpaths with fencing covered in black pastic so people were prevented from seeing the parade. I stopped going years ago because it’s too difficult to see because of the throngs of people. To limit the viewing area even further is bizarre and certainly not friendly.

    1. ahyeah

      Because they need to leave a certain number of strategic access points open and free of crowds so that emergency vehicles can get access quickly if needed. That’s international best practice, and you’ll see it wherever there’s a similar event. One of the access points is the top of Parliament Street – pictured here – and there’s another at the top of Pearse Street.

    2. Sheila

      Hubby commented on that just now, said it was a bit silly there were so many black walls up a long the route.

      Figured it was for some valid reason. Shame though, sounds like a real hindrance.

  3. Mike

    That really is a great picture of the guy and his cat. Cat even seems to be aware of the camera :D

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