31 thoughts on “Parody Over

  1. jeremy kyle

    Hardly surprising I guess. You’re not supposed to pretend to be someone else on the internet.


    1. Mr. T.

      It’s a very obvious parody so it’s not pretending. It’s called humour, freedom of expression, political commentary, satire.

      It’s what you should expect.

      1. jeremy kyle

        I’m sure if you somehow manage to name yourself Coca Cola Ireland (even as a blatant parody) you’d be shut down or forced to change the name pretty quickly.

        That said Facebook are pretty inconsistent when it comes to what they think is okay.

    2. dylad

      It’s a shit name too, and they probably agonised over that in a groupthink/soggy biscuit session.

  2. Sam

    The fun part will be comparing the popularity of the actual party with the parody. About the only fun thing about Renua… (depending on how funny you think cringe inducing radio interviews are, of course).

  3. Mr. T.

    “Hey designer, I saw logo just like mine the other day, how come?”

    “Because you paid f*ck all for your logo and wouldn’t invest in an original design that’s unique to your business, you false economy cutlureless moron”.

  4. Frilly Keane

    Ladies, Gentlemen and Undecided

    ‘Should have added Click bait while they were at it

    Maybe Panti could use it to open a show

    “Good evening Ladies Gentlemen and Undecideds. Welcome ….”

  5. JimmytheHead

    Funny how snobby political types can get facebook parodys removed but normal Joe 6-packs have to somehow develop a sense of humor and get over it. Huh

  6. Soundings

    Apparently Jill’s estate has sent in the lawyers to lay claim to “Ireland”, so it will just be plain “Renua” in future.

  7. Mr. T.

    Really can’t see the legal issue here. People shouldn’t assume this is acceptable to go after someone taking the piss out of a political party. It’s a strange precedent to accept.

    1. Corvo

      It’s not so much a legal issue as much as an issue with Facebook’s policy and terms of use. Although Facebook can be quite inconsistent with how they enforce their rules.

  8. Hitler as a baby

    This amount of hubris could only come from a party of the privileged and condescending.

    It’s like they bought new trainers, thinking they could win the race but forgot to learn how to tie their laces.

    1. Hitler as a baby

      It’s just two has-beens and a bunch of wannabes, same as the PDs were.
      -All of them expecting to get a jockey-back from their buddies, none of them able to take the weight.

      I wish I could suggest an alternative but as we all know, the rest of them are only the same or worse.
      Please don’t vote for these deluded and deceitful idiots. Thank you.

  9. Cloud

    So they want to run the country, but can’t even manage facebook. Right then.

    Not registering the page before their “launch” was a monumental, unforgivable f*ck up.

    1. Jane

      I find it quite amusing that the fresh new party can’t get its head around this new fangled so-called “Facebook” technology the young people are all taking about these days.

      Wait till someone tells them twitter exists.

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