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Colm writes:

Not sure if this has made it’s way over to Ireland yet but it’s one of the biggest stories of the day here in Germany. [Greek Finance Minister Yanis] Varofakis took part in a political debate Sunday last on ARD (German state broadcaster) with the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble.  During the debate a video was showing of Varofakis giving a lecture from two years back, in which he gave the middle finger to Germany.

Varofakis denied this immediately and said that the video had been doctored.  As you can imagine the German press, especially the more right leaning, had a mini field day with this, as it basically played into there ‘good fur nothin’ Greeks’ image there trying to spread at the minute.  But today a slight spanner was thrown in the works.

A video released this morning by Jan Böhmermann, the host of Neon Magazine on ZDF (basically the RTE 2 of Germany), claims that he manipulated the video and posted it on the internet himself…they go to great lengths to show them manipulating the video, they even took the shadow detail into account.  No one actually knows if Böhmermann is making this all up himself, or if he’s actually telling the truth.  But as far as satire goes, it’s none too bad now!!!

PS.  Giving the middle finger in German is called “jdm. den Stinkefinger zeigen”, which literally translates as showing someone the stinky finger…

I faked Yanis Varoufakis middle-finger video, says German TV presenter (Guardian)

8 thoughts on “Stinkygate

    1. collynomial

      That’s the faked video you’ve linked to.
      Watch the other video, he does say “stick the finger to Germany”, but his hand gestures are completely manipulated via CGI.

  1. Ferret McGruber

    I love the host of that show, especially the bit where he says “Germany devastated Europe twice but we get all upset when someone gives us the finger”. Germany really needs a reality check. You just ain’t that important peeps.

  2. dhaughton99

    Whats the problemo, we were only having a laugh. Chill

    Thats how kuwaiti babies get thrown out of incubators.

  3. Mr. T.

    “Not sure if this has made it’s way over to Ireland”

    Yeah it’s OK Colm. We got the Internet in the other day. We still only have Google 1 and Google 2 though.

  4. Atlas

    … because Greek finance ministers have never lied, of course. We must ignore the lessons of history and take everything they say at face value! That’s what’ll fix the economic profligacy of the PIGS!

    It’s amusing how far the lefty types will bend over backwards to defend their dear Syriza, who are by all accounts about to grow up and toe the ECB line (as if that was ever in doubt).

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