Broadsheet Trailer Park: Entourage



What you may need to know:

1. Yes, kids, Entourage is still a thing. We’d prefer a Deadwood movie.

2. There will be cameos. A lot of cameos.

3. Lorne Malvo Power – Billy-Bob alert @ 1’05.

4. Recognise the dude @ 1’25? Recognise him NOW?

5. We’re still nostalgic for Jeremy Piven’s original hair.

6. Prognosis: They had us at Andrew Dice Clay.

Release Date: June 19

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18 thoughts on “Broadsheet Trailer Park: Entourage

  1. Someone

    Well I suppose they made money from a Sex in the City movie, so why not try to milk this crap as well.

  2. Christopher

    Terrible show- I tried to watch it- every episode was the same. Potential problem that might derail stars career. A celebrity cameo as themselves. Stupid pose talking rubbish by a pool, best friend pines over some girl. Agent makes some foul mouth phone calls. Crisis is averted, smug looks all around.

    And repeat. Awful show.

    1. Smashmouth

      I wonder how many times you actually watched it to come to the realisation that “every” episode had the same story arc

      1. rotide

        He is right though, that’s every episode.

        I liked the early series, got a bit tired by the end but I was only watching it for Ari’s gold by then

        1. Smashmouth

          He is right yes

          But he also had to watch it more than once to realise the repetition.

          Why watch it repeatedly if its so terrible?

      2. Christopher

        I think it was season 1 and the beginning of season 2 (I watched in a block not week to week). He was going to be in Aquaman or something if I remember rightly? Anyway it was a laugh free zone, completely repetitive and very in love with itself. Can’t understand why it stayed on the air for so long and has the fan base to warrant a film spin off.

        1. Smashmouth

          “Terrible show- I tried to watch it”

          “I think it was season 1 and the beginning of season 2”

          Sounds to me like you succeeded

          1. Chris

            There’s a small ‘x’ on this tab/page or use the one on the browser (top left or right depending on the browser) to rid yourself of this thread/site entirely.

    2. Jones

      The only variant being if Vinny lands or doesn’t land a movie deal at the end of each season.

  3. TheMightyOne

    mostly awful but completely worth watching for Ari Gold, loved his rants

    some nice skin at times too

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