Paddy Doesn’t Like That


90277676Paddy Power HQ, Clonskeagh, Dublin


Anonomoose writes:

Our fearless leader [Enda Kenny] is in the Paddypower HQ this morning to blow about some jobs thing and how the good times are here. What he’s failing to notice though is the fact that the HR [Human Resources] ones in here are running around getting people to move from their normal desks to fill up empty desks where Enda will be walking by to make the place look busier and fuller than it normally is. North Korea at its finest!

What are the odds?

35 thoughts on “Paddy Doesn’t Like That

  1. sausages79

    Same happened where I work!!! Richard Bruton was in to announce new jobs and about 100 50 empty desks on my floor were filled for 30 mins as he came through!!!

        1. MajorThrill

          Okay, we need a system to figure this out. Everyone has to wear one red shoe to work on monday.

          1. MajorThrill

            I would Mikeyfex, only I got mine somewhere I’m not comfortable whipping out in work.

  2. phil

    Something similar in my place, almost 2 yrs ago, 100 jobs announced , not one hired yet , aspirational jobs I was told by the boss…

    1. Frilly Keane

      Like the news whippy fella using a snail to tell the tinternet realm about billing a mill last year…..

  3. Stash

    I’ve seen the same thing happen in two different workplaces in the past few years. No desk was allowed to be seen as being empty so any desk where the usual occupant was offsite or on leave had to be filled temporarily.

    1. scottser

      well kim jong un is an anagram of enda kenny.
      if you take some letters out, and put some others in.

  4. Markus

    More than likely for the benefit of the media accompanying Enda than for him. don’t see anything particularly wrong with it. need to present your business in the best light and empty desks doesn’t do that.

  5. Continuity Jay-Z

    I’m truly not comfortable with our politiicians giving so much kudos to gambling firms. I accept they provide stable well paid jobs but jesus they cause this country some amount of misery. There are families going without food because of gambling addictions.

    Bad and all drink and fags are a gambling addiction is absolutely devastating. It will clean out a family’s finances in record time.

    I think the companies can be acknowledged but the PR should be markedly toned down, at least out of respect for the families whose lives have been wrecked by gambling.

    1. brytothey

      Absolutely. Does more damage than drink. That and the fact PP is a sneaky Isle of Man tax exile just shows you how much FG love the big employer of top quality jobs angle.

  6. John

    Paddy power are famous for that they make big job announcements and then only fill half the positions they promised!

  7. Jones

    Sure isn’t it the same as cleaning behind the picture frames and getting the fine china out when the nice neighbours come around at home? Has happened in all offices I’ve ever been in when top brass/new clients come in for a look.

    1. scottser

      el presidente macaleese famously said she just follows the smell of fresh paint everywhere she goes..

      1. rotide

        It’s even more famously attributed to the Queen:
        “she thinks the world smells of fresh paint”

  8. Bingo Slimz

    Could someone not have taken that photo normally? Or was the dreaded stick used just to piss me off.

  9. 15 cents

    why put on a show for him? why not show the empty desks, and if he asks about it just tell him. why do they have to pretend to him that they are full of employees? to get a gold star? why? i dont get it.

  10. Frilly Keane

    ‘Hope they have better luck than the last bookies that was swarming with blueshirts

    Bad JuJu stuff
    If you ask me

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