Omar Gets A Job




Formerly unemployed mapper Omar Sarhan writes:

You may have noticed a lack of maps, that’s because I am now gainfully employed! So no staying up to till all hours mapping kebabs and the like.
I covered a topic on my blog about students in Dublin  2004-2014 before and followed up by creating a map and a few charts and graphs that some may find interesting. I’ll let the map (above) speak for itself and you can explore more on the topic via my blog post here.
If anyone is curious I am working with global spatial geo-datasets and logistics software in London, for a small firm called Map Mechanics. It’s pretty cool to work in a country where real business gets done and ….. (I better stop there before I offend :P ). I’ll hopefully create more maps over the next few weeks…

10 Years In Third Level Education (Omar Sarhan)

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28 thoughts on “Omar Gets A Job

  1. Formerly known as

    Congrats on the job, Omar!

    “It’s pretty cool to work in a country where real business gets done .”

    It is pretty uncool to offend your friends, when you think you don’t need them any more.

    1. Stumpy

      Yup. There are two ways to leave the country for a while – one of which involves doing so with a chip on one’s shoulder.

        1. Stumpy

          Hoop – what’s with your fixation on my broadsheet nom de plume? I have arms and legs, I swears to ya!

    2. Omar Sarhan

      The offence wasn’t designed to be personal, it was more a critique if my experience with the Irish business community.
      I hope to continue to actively contribute to Broadsheet, I like you guys!

  2. Mloc

    Jeez.. nice post up until the point he wrote off the entire country as layabouts.

    Plenty of decent companies doing good work here.

          1. Kieran NYC

            Mostly likely a one-off project they gave to one of the consulting companies they’re paying for rather than hiring an individual freelancer.

            Makes sense as a big company.

            Good luck in the new role!

  3. FK

    My response went from delight for you, Omar, to annoyance. There was no need for the snide remark.

  4. Joe the Lion

    Personally I never really cared all that much for your cartography Omar but I wish you the best and I must say your new career as a clickbaiting troll shows real promise ;)

    The sea, oh the sea is the gradh geal mo croide
    Long may it stay between England and me
    It’s a sure guarantee that some hour we’ll be free
    Oh thank God we’re surrounded by water

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Oh sad was the day when I went far way
      to work amongst timber and concrete
      as I made me a plan for to follow life’s span
      I forsook the dear place of my homeland

      If God grants me grace I’ll return to the place
      when the twilight of life has come o’re me
      as I stand on your shores like a bird my heart soars
      as I gaze on the beauty around me

  5. Jones

    It’s pretty cool to work in a country where real business gets done and …..

    Said the man drawing maps

      1. italia'90

        Congratulations Omar.
        Perhaps you could illustrate your point to the little Britons(or Brutons in KNYC’s case) you have left behind?

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