domino driver

No annoying pizza delivery guy?

What fresh, cheese and pepperoni covered madness is this??

Sonia writes:

Customers placing orders through the Domino’s website and mobile app will soon have the option to be delivered by the world’s first autonomous delivery vehicle, the Domi-No-Driver. The new fleet of driverless pods will be rolling out across Ireland from 1st April 2015

And we were promised hoverboards by 2015 too…

Dominos Pizza


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Irish craft beer by drone.


From Little Big Fix, the Five Lamps Brewery, Sheary’s of Crumlin and


Irish Craft Beer Delivered Locally By Drone (Publin)

19 thoughts on “Taking The Pizza

  1. Murtles

    I read that a complex grid mapping system exclusive to Dominos has been pre-programmed into each pod.
    The Domimatrix © is sure to whip the whole of the driverless vehicle industry into 50 shapes of great.

  2. Stewart Curry

    Spotify doing playlists by drone… looks like we’re all doing it by drone this April fools day

  3. Digs

    I’d say the box is actually empty. I think it’s just edited in such a way to make you believe it has any content of value. The drone is the real star of this film. Actually, it’s much like a Terry McMahon moving visual.

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