Want To Get Your Band On TV?


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Check this (one, two)…

Laura Gaynor writes:

As part of our TV at the National Film School out in Dun Laoghaire we’re making a few TV Shows! We’re looking for any Irish bands who would like to come out and play in our shiny new TV Studios. It’s in two weeks time.

bands can get in touch here.

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18 thoughts on “Want To Get Your Band On TV?

        1. Drogg

          In f**king tv studios? I am sure its a web series the students are doing as well since they don’t have a licence to broadcast. Just cause traditional tv is dying doesn’t mean the skills to make programming need to, otherwise all we will be left with are stupid videos on youtube shot by morons who can’t even hold their phone the right way around.

          1. Drogg

            Its the only way i get anything done Joe, a quality combo of caffeine and pissed off grumbling.

  1. Smellyer

    Want to get your band to give us free content that won’t be seen by anybody and you will surely not be happy with by the end of things? Well, get in line!

  2. scottser

    digs is the drummer
    smellyer plays guitar
    joe is the singer
    drogg plays bass, but really wants to play guitar

  3. technid

    It looks great, but I bet you the band get no input into the types of camera moves that’s done. Like, I’m in a band, I’m also interested in TV production, so I’d be the type that would be in that studio saying “what if we truck the crane in with dutch, and resolve to an above clear so we can cut to 2 on a 45 wide?”, and everyone would look at me like I have 2 heads.

    1. scottser

      i’d be going ‘if you tell me once more you can’t get a decent sound out of my kick drum without cutting a hole in the front head, i’m going to kick you in the balls, understand?’

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