27 thoughts on “We’re Back, Baby!

    1. McKay

      Saw one from Castle Estates the other day, beautiful example of how not to scan handwriting..

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    I believe this is known as marketing for business. They are not coercing you to sell.

    Bin ’em Baby!

  2. Joe835

    Had a similar “We’re back, baby!” moment when I saw a construction worker in full hi-viz and hard hat queue in front of me to get a latte today. Haven’t seen that in ages!

    1. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

      Aye, the other day I rang to get a replacement bank card (PTSB) and they offered me a loan.

  3. Eliot Rosewater

    Had a load of them in d7 mid-2014 and haven’t stopped since. But yeah, would echo the ‘marketing’ quote. I don’t think anyone is going to read one of these and suddenly decide to sell their house. But they might mention it to colleagues, friends and family. Who knows, maybe broadsheet will feature it in a post which will reach even more people.

  4. Kolmo

    That men do not learn very much from history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach. – said a wise man, sometime ago.

    I, and an awful lot of working people are about two or three pay cheques from homelessness because of the very anti-social property industry and their shills. The Irish government is demonstrably ideologically opposed to actually protecting the citizen from rapacious forms of profiteering by banks and estate agents – god help any politician that comes to my door/box flap…

    1. Eliot Rosewater

      Agree. Finding myself unemployed for a few years was an eye-opening experience. I’ve always been mistrustful of all the governments that I’ve lived under, but the slow (and not-so-slow) race to the bottom that we’ve experienced in the last decade, as well as the divide-and-conquer tactics employed by (certain) politicians and (some) business groups is particularly nasty.

    2. Parp

      “I, and an awful lot of working people are about two or three pay cheques from homelessness because of the very anti-social property industry and their shills.”

      No you’re not.

      No one forced you to buy anything.

      1. SOMK

        “No one forced you to buy anything”.

        It’s funny, if a crook points a gun at you they might say something like “it’s nothing personal, just business”, take away the gun, “no one forced you to buy anything”.

        It’s “stop hitting yourself”, bully logic.

        People who blather this “it’s the buyers/debtors fault” rubbish (it was a stupid thing to say in 2008-10, it’s even more stupid now, you’ve had seven years to read any number of books about the topic, keep your ignorance to yourself), remind me of the Garda who showed to the scene of a stabbing, the door wasn’t broken (the stabber knocked on the door then forced his way in with knife, by stabbing my housemate), the Garda saw fit to comment, in a thick culchie drawl, “sure the door wasn’t forced, so it isn’t a burglary”. This was both spectacularly beside the point (seeing as he said it in a hallway where the walls were literally sprayed with blood) and insensitive to the point of barbaric, the kind of total-ignorance exemplified by Bertie “no bank account” Ahern saying he couldn’t understand why people who criticised the housing bubble didn’t kill themselves.

        The focus on responsibility on the individual with regard mortgage debt, is one which completely lets a whole host of people who were and continue to be very well paid to know better off the hook (never mind the systemic effect of the Euro, how it let German savings seek out quick returns in the periphery). Housing bubbles, 65 billion euro bank bailouts, don’t just happen, they’re not magic, they don’t fall from the sky, the have causes. A mortgage is for life (mortgage comes from French, ‘mort gaige’ death pledge), when it’s something so big, important and life-defining, the biggest purchase most people will ever make, then surely people should expect a degree of expertise, just as they would expect of a doctor, or any equivalent figure? Any banker, property developer, solicitor, estate agent, economist, minister, etc. who didn’t know we were in a bubble should be sacked (without pension), any who did should be in prison.

        Social housing is cheaper than subsidising social housing via rent payments and welfare (in part because it helps keep a lid on speculating), but a whole host of special interests don’t get to wet their beaks that way.

  5. pissedasanewt

    I’ll know we are truly back when Eddie Hobs appears on RTE telling me to invest in bricks and mortar and to shore up my portfolio by buying back shares…

  6. Clampers Outside!

    If you’re looking for a “we’re back” story.. my mate works in travel and said there are guys booking trips to the McGregor fight, and at peak July prices… some look like they’d barely enough to buy the weekly shop, he said, never mind go to a fight across the big pond !

  7. Joe the Lion

    by the way has anyone here ever had sex with an estate agent? did it fall off afterwards? etc

    we are looking for fun, larger than life characters who would be up for sharing their funny stories whether it’s about you or a friend or family member, we would love to hear from you!

  8. Uncle Fester

    Actually, they do this all the time.

    Nearly 5k properties on myhome for Dublin now.
    All at ghastly prices mind…

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