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Crooked Sea.

By Dublin gnarlsters New Valley Wolves.

Daithi writes:

New Valley Wolves bringing the beards, the riffs, the public urination and no small amount of sexiness.

New Valley Wolves (Facebook)

18 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Quint

    Heard-it-all-before, sub-Queens of the Stone Age, indie landfill. Broadsheet: you need some kind of in-house new music curator to sort out all the poo music you are receiving because you’re posting all the poo stuff.

  2. jeremy kyle

    Okay yeah it’s derivative, sounds like Them Crooked Vultures. But, I don’t know how that’s automatically a bad thing – musicians are influenced by the music they like, so what?

    pretty feckin’ good in my opinion.

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