18 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Tony

    Just awful metre there Mr Moynes. Especially the fourth line. Have ye no sense of rhythm at all?

  2. Gdo

    Mr. Moynes, I think you’re great – I can’t imagine any of the above would be able to put out a limerick every day :)

  3. LT

    Heard Breda this morning – in fairness, whatever your view of her, she had good points and Chris came across overly simplistic – not least mixing up ‘parents’ and ‘persons’ in his much vaunted 17-simple-words in terms of what the Irish people are being asked. She is right – any change to Constitution can’t be boiled down to a ”why on earth wouldn’t you agree?” question. This is a fundamental change. And I think former Presidents can rightly be challenged whenever they weigh in to something like this. You’re either in the debate or not.

    1. Gdo

      I absolutely think that this change can be boiled down to “why on earth woudn’t you agree”… perhaps there can be discussions over wording but fundemtally – why on earth wouldn’t you agree?!

      It is a simple matter of equality for all.. again, why wouldn’t you agree?

      1. Lisa

        Because rightly or wrongly, that is not how marriage has been defined. It is not a simple switch.

  4. Bonkers

    Funny the way McAleese has found her voice now but when Ireland was going through the ravages of the IMF bailout she hadn’t a word to say except for ‘we’re building bridges with the north’. Fianna Fail were a dead duck at the time and there was no way they were going to impeach her for saying what the whole nation was thinking. But I guess those €280k wages plus expenses were good enough to buy her silence.

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