Because I’m Frappé



Irish model and Made In Chelsea cast member Nicola Hughes launching O’Brien’s Summer Frappé range in Dublin yesterday

Summer doesn’t technically start.

Until you’ve downed a frappé.

Joanne writes:

The new O’Briens Summer Frappé range includes the “irresistible flavours of Chocolate Carmel Slice, Strawberry Shortcake and Tiramisu.

O’Briens Sandwich Café has over 80 shops in Ireland serving delicious sandwiches, barista made coffee and now a wide selection of Frappés – just in time for the summer months.

We have FIVE x 2 frappé vouchers to GIVEAWAY to broadsheet foamy cold coffee fans..

To enter, Just share your DREAM Frappé flavour combination…

Lines MUST close at 1.35pm.

O’Brien’s (Facebook)

40 thoughts on “Because I’m Frappé

  1. Angry Bird

    My dream frappé consists of crushed ice from the Barents Sea, pineapple from the Lost Gardens of Heligan, sterilized half cream and a topping of dried unicorn tears. That or the tiramisu one.

  2. Joe the Lion

    My dream frappe consists of nine millions sides of old blind horse’s hides, crushed garlic and a twist of Grendine.

  3. Grouse

    – You’ve got quote marks before “irresistible” that never close. Who are you quoting anyway? Yourself?
    – “GIVEAWAY” is a lazy marketers’ noun, and I understand your compulsion to use it, but in the copy you’ve provided it doesn’t make sense, and should be “give away”
    – Your ellipsis after “fans” is missing a stop. Why is there even an ellipsis? Perhaps it’s just an extra stop
    – I see that the capitalisation is fast and loose here, but can’t think of any reason for the capital J on “just”.

    It’s just so messy! Do marketing courses have any modules on basic writing skills? If not why not? Is it not kind of the basis of the profession, writing things down and trying to get people to read it?

  4. Sheila

    Model: I can look, but I can’t touch… never never touch the frappe coffee.

    These drinks are sooooo calorific. I allow myself one, maybe two a year. But you had me at Tiramisu… om.

    My dream frappe consists of espresso shots, the new Baileys Chocolat Luxe, crushed hobnob biscuits, crushed ice and topped with whipped cream. Actually, just give me a bottle Baileys Chocolat Luxe and a bag of ice. Thanks.

  5. Darren

    “Frappé; it’s where you’re raped on Facebook whilst visiting France” – Fidelma Healy Eames ………………………….. Also, I’d like a strawberry shortcake flavour one. Thanks

  6. munkifisht

    Eh, isn’t this what happens when someone get’s on your facebook and posts something about how you like massive penises or something?

  7. Sarah Murphy

    The slightly bitter acrid taste of YOKES and then strawberry flavour Extra chewing gum to STOP ME CHEWING THE JAW OFF MESELF and then a nice little Marlboro Light FAG cos nothing is more delicious than FAGS when you’re on YOKES

  8. Bacchus

    I gave up going into O’Briens because of the staff. I once ordered a cream cheese and tomato roll and ended up virtually making it myself for her. The blank looks are disconcerting.
    Could I have a frappé please?
    A wha’?
    A frappé
    do you want it on brown or white bread?

  9. Spartacus

    I will never darken the door of an O’Brien’s sandwich bar.

    When my late father was recovering from major surgery and getting around with the help of a walking stick, the staff at O’Brien’s refused to let him buy “just” a coffee unless he waited in line behind all the customers who were queueing to have sandwiches built, despite his protests that he was unable to stand for other than a short time.

    Strict adherence to their queueing protocol is mandatory, apparently.

  10. Jay

    Well this has predictably turned out not how the marketing agency was expecting. Pick five winners from the above lol.

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