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  1. Zarathustra

    From The Observer: ‘Miliband issues call to moderate Tories: I’ll be your champion.’ I’m not au fait with The Observers political leanings, but, there’s a double-entendre in the headline; whether it’s a dig, or an endorsement, I don’t know, but, either way, can it be contextualised?

  2. Wayne.F

    Have that poor girls parents and family not suffered enough without the fitter press using her death to sell their rags.

    1. Zarathustra

      Wayne, I agree with you about the editorial policies of the tabloids because they usually leave a lot to be desired, but, if the coverage of Karen Buckley’s death, and Elaine O’Hara [and other women who have gone missing] is in any way helpful towards finding the killers, then I agree that maximum exposure should be afforded to the public; for no other reason than making people more vigilant and aware. Unfortunately, this is the world within which we live and most of us manage to by-pass really evil people, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.

      1. Supercrazyprices

        Calm down there and stop making excuses for these cheap rags.

        Fear, anxiety and sensationalism breeds fear, anxiety and sensationalism.

        They’re using misery to make money. They don’t care about society.

        1. Kieran NYC


          They seem absolutely delighted she died. If she had turned up alive, they would have only gotten a few days out of the story. Now they can have gory headlines until the trial (and beyond). And then retrospectives about how every strange man you don’t know is going to molest you and kill you (but which is somehow your fault because you’d still be alive if you stayed in home knitting).

  3. Soundings

    No Sunday Independent? Where Ireland’s version of Gore Vidal and Norman Mailer – Breda O’Brien and Niamh Horan – take us on an epic intellectual journey through Christianity, marriage equality, Panti and sex.

      1. Ms Piggy

        Me too. I’ve already vented on FB, but I’m still seething at the sheer idiocy of the woman. And the sense of self-importance. But mainly the idiocy – which is bad enough in itself, but thanks to the self-importance she also wants to see her idiocy enshrined in law for the rest of us. Mind you, Horan’s little attempt to pull her up on not wanting to be forced into a closet does make me wonder if there might be a journalist inside there, struggling to get out.

        1. Lisa

          From a constitutional and Catholic doctrine (if that’s your thing) point of view, she has the nucleus of valid points. So too do those who follow and listen to her. I think the nature of personal attack on her and ”sticking fingers in ears, not listening, not listening, not listening approach” does a lot more harm than good to Yes side.

          1. Ms Piggy

            No, she doesn’t have good points. For example, either she thinks sex is only for procreation or its for pleasure as well, but at different points in this interview she takes both positions. At other times she just spouts word salad that means nothing – what is all this stuff about yin and yang and complementarity…what does that actually mean? It’s not clear, but still she wants it enshrined in law. And that’s just in this interview. In other places she’s spouted claims about children reared in gay families that are utterly unsupported by evidence. And yet she’s still given platform after platform. That’s what’s doing damage here.

          2. Sam

            I don’t much care whether she has a point from Catholic doctrine. My birth cert says I was born in Ireland, not the Vatican.
            If Breda wants to declare certain behaviours to be outside the pale of good catholic behaviour, she can do that, but she doesn’t address the point of why her views should be enforced on the rest of society, because it’s too close to describing the position of a fanatical bully and she prefers to play the victim, referring to email comments of hate, while ignoring the casual degradation she makes about people through her columns and copious media exposure.

        2. Caroline

          I thought Horan did quite well in drawing out the inconsistencies in her position without spooking her into blank defensiveness. She also managed to make her seem unpleasant in an entirely new way. What I reckon is, she got O’Brien to patronise her like she was an earnest Transition Year student doing a mock interview, and it came across quite badly for the BOB. I say good job Horzers.

          1. Mick Flavin

            Praise for Niamh Horan on Broadsheet!?

            *faints dead away*

            *smelling salts administered*

            Caroline reads the Sunday Independent!?

            *faints dead away again*

          2. Caroline

            I can’t just read what I like and allow myself to get lazy, Mick. Gotta stay angry and unreasonable. That’s why professional cranks like me reach for the Sunday Independent. It’s Ireland’s no. 1 choice for p*ss-boiling, gear-grinding and general goat acquisition.

          3. Ms Piggy

            I’m astonished to see myself type it, but I agree. She gave Breeder just enough rope to hang herself.

  4. Soundings

    Disappointing Sunday Business Post, all red and exclusive and revealed, but little substance there. Nice of them to give Micheal Martin a platform to attack his better-poll-performing rivals in Opposition (the Sindo has the guts of that speech – in a nutshell, beastly Shinners not republican and FIanna Fail, who refuse to field candidates in Northern Ireland still claim to be THE Republican party)

    SBP had such a good quarter at the start of the year. Still though, probably the best newspaper this Sunday.

    1. More_Bermuda_than_Berlin

      I think you’ll find the Sindo are fighting the good fight for that very same readership

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