For Your Consideration: Today Tonight, 1987



No scary music!

No reconstructions!!

An Olivia O’Leary-helmed RTÉ Today Tonight special from 1987 on the death of Fr Niall Molloy  answering some of the questions left out of the recent McGinn review into the case.

Includes: A detailed look at the business dealings between Fr Molloy and Therese Flynn and her husband Richard Flynn.

The matter of the stopped watch and the gardai.

And what defence counsel counsel Paddy McEntee (top) said to Judge Frank Roe (above) prior to Richard Flynn’s acquittal on manslaughter charges.

Good times.

Also: name that reporter anyone?

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10 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Today Tonight, 1987

  1. Mr. T.

    That case of Joseph Whelan who died last week is a tad suspicious isn’t it?

    He called his wife at 1.30am to say he was being chased through a field by Gardai and nobody heard from him after that until he was found dead in Cavan at the weekend.

    Newspapers all very on-message reporting the Gardai saying there was no signs of foul play.

    Nothing to see here?

    Bit odd.

  2. Parochial Central

    Surely the real question that BS commenters want asked and answered is:

    “If Mr Molloy was alive today, would he be in favour of a “Yes” vote?”

    Otherwise move along. Nothing to see here.

  3. Lilly

    Glad RTE are showing this tonight. It beggars belief that the public has been fobbed off and told it doesn’t matter.

  4. Bill Maher

    If Dominic magian had been shown this by the SCRT I think he would have published a different report. However reading the McGinn report it would seem the guard forgot to bring it to his attention…along with other matters.

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