Throwing Alan Under The Bus


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Former IBRC chief and FIne Gael leader Alan Dukes (top) and Enda Kenny in the Dail this morning taking siteserv questions from Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams.

You want Senior Hurling?

There you go now.

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Contains Impurities

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30 thoughts on “Throwing Alan Under The Bus

  1. Clampers Outside!

    [Gotta say it’s unusual that the release of documents under FOI would be brought to attention of a line minister, let alone the Government]
    Anyone know what’s unusual about bringing info to a ministers attention….?

    Martin now reading into the record quotes from Catherine Murphy’s FOI answer, showing the heavily redacted page to the #Dail [against rules]
    Why is that against rules?

    Yep, me ignorant of Dail rules… plse help.

    1. Soundings

      Elaine Byrne said at the banking inquiry this morning that the inquiry showed slides of documents on a projector but warned the press not to report them! Those crazy politicians. They’re loco!

      1. Mr. T.

        And of course the bought off complicit politicians all winked and sure we’ll see ye later in the Bar… wha.

  2. invpat

    What’s all the fuss,business man wins mobile license from Fine Gael led government,long Long long enquiry follows,result of enquiry business man found to have made unauthorised payment to Fine Gael minister,roll on a few years same business man acquires company at a discount with same companys debt ( a mere 150 million)written off,short time later company wins one of the biggest contracts of that year from yes you’ve guessed it a Fine Gael led government .Plus ca change etc .Nothing to see here move along.

    1. McKay

      That’s the Enda’s standard tactic! If his brain can’t formulate a coherent response then it reverts to attacking the questioner. If it’s Sinn Fein then it’s Adam’s integrity and previous affiliations. If it’s Fianna Fail then they ‘wrecked the country’…

      1. Spartacus

        If it’s a citizen in the street asking the hard questions, he’ll be told that he looks like he could do with a few day’s work.

        Kenny is utterly incapable of a coherent response to any question put to him.

        1. McKay

          Good call – forgot to include us plebs! Doff of the cap to you.

          ‘You’re not from around here, are you?’ is another of his well-worn questions. Think that was in Galway and a resident (English by birth) confronted him about water charges. As if it was any of his business where she was born.

      2. Clampers Outside!

        You say that as if Adam’s had any integrity.

        Lying about any knowledge of expulsions – check
        Denying any knowledge of expulsions – check
        Own Sin Fein documentation proves the lies – check
        Finally admit to expulsions – check

        Remaining Integrity – Nil, nada, none, absent

        1. Spartacus

          Whatever your views on Adams or SF, the fact remains that he is a democratically elected TD, and the leader of a registered political party in opposition. It is his duty (not to mention his right) to hold Kenny’s feet to the fire during QfOL, and for Kenny to repeatedly deflect by making personal attacks on Adams is an affront to the democratic process.

        2. Mr. T.

          Clampers, I assume you were probably born some time after 1980 and don’t have a contemporary memory of what Ireland was like during the 70s and 80s and how utterly pointless and ridiculous it is to hound Adams about the IRA.

          It was a war. It’s over now and there’s a peace process to be respected. Even the Unionists in Stormont don’t use the past to avoid debating issues of the day, as Enda Kenny does in the Dail on a daily basis.

          Kenny is more of a threat to democracy than Adams ever was.

          1. Bacchus

            I was around for the 70s and 80s… does that qualify me to have an opinion? Good. The IRA were scum then too. It wasn’t a war, that would require a mandate of some sort and the backing of the Irish people – they had neither. They were murderers, extortionists, drug dealers, thieves and bullies. It might suit some to let that all be forgotten but it would suit democracy better if people were reminded just what bastards the IRA were and SF continue to support that mindset. Scum.

          2. #Selfie Face

            @bacchus +1. Saying something like “it was war” so everything that happened is somehow justifiable, is complete nonsense and ignorance. SF idiocy.

      3. realPolithicks

        Just lat week some chap with a pint in each hand told him the deal was on the up and up. So it’s all good.

  3. edalicious

    So what should happen in this situation? A government is essentially refusing to investigate claims of corruption against them. Surely there must be some way to get a completely independent body to start an investigation? If there isn’t then there’s a massive flaw in corruption prevention in this country.

  4. Kevin M

    The stink of this would have caused chaos in Westminster or the Palais Bourbon, heads would roll. Here heads are promoted, the prime minister does not answer questions, and protesters are made to look like terrorists – “unreasonable” Noonan said, Howlin said.

    We are at a crossroads politically. If people pay the water bills and FG/Lab get back in after the next G.E, you can start waving goodbye to more and more of your wages and your freedoms. We could only pray that TTIP is not agreed upon and ratified. No one will ever again be held accountable or responsible for any wrong doing in the eyes of a government. That road only leads to ruin.

    Yes, it is about more then just the water, but it goes far deeper then that.

    1. Kolmo

      A number of years ago a German Government minister was sacked for giving his wife Air-miles points he had accrued while flying around the world on Government business, sacked! Even the perception of corruption or abuse of position was a sackable offense in Germany as opposed to in Ireland not one eyebrow would raised if the same thing were to happen, in fact, the Government jet would be handed out to open off-licences in Leitrim….

    2. Niallo

      Nail on head, that just about sums this country up.
      We need a change and i fear sf or the indos wont be enough…

    3. #Selfie Face

      @Kevin M – how do you and the shinners propose to say wages, welfare etc when they have ruined the economy with their nonsense economics?

      1. Tadhg

        I know, imagine letting those crazy people run the economy, you’d have the IMF here before- oh wait…

  5. bisted

    ….Oh Terry….all your star pupils there on the meeja forgetting the first rule of communications clinic…if you’re explaining you’re losing!!!

  6. Truth in the News

    What we are dealing with here is the “Gombeen” element, they destroyed
    Fianna Fail and now the Blueshirts and the Smoked Salmon Socialists too.
    And then we we get excited about the North and Gerry Adams, the IRA ect.
    If the Gombeen element that grabbed power in the 1920’s stood their
    ground, there be no Gerry Adams, IRA. or war in the North from 69 to mid
    90’s, whats really worring the Gombeen element, is that Gerry might take
    off them, their exclusive use of power, privelage and did not
    happen in the 30’s as Dev was one of them too….look what happened with
    the Irish Press……interesting times ahead, there is lot more than Siteserve
    on the Menu.

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