156 thoughts on “The Poster Girls Of Shame

    1. Jess

      I have no problem with this. If people are going to just outright lie on these posters then they have no place in the democratic conversation.

      1. newsjustin

        I could accuse anyone of lying and claim they have no place in our democracy. It might make life easier for me Jess, not having anyone with opposing viewpoints. Easier. Not better or more democratic.

        1. Jess

          Its not opposing viewpoints i have a problem with. Its the bull about surrogacy and adoption. That is not having a differing viewpoint, that is knowingly and deliberately telling a lie in order to obfuscate the debate in the hope of winning by deception.

          That is what has no place in democratic discourse

          1. newsjustin

            And here endith the word according to Jess.

            You don’t get it Jess. You don’t get to say what is or is not a legitimate viewpoint to have. No one does.

      2. John Duffin

        Jess, go to China. You will simply love the place. There everybody is told what to say in political ‘conversations’. Much tidier, don’t you think? It gets better. If you don’t conform, they lock you up! No need to risk life and limb climbing lamp posts, pissed or otherwise, to smother contrary views. Go tomorrow.

      3. Peter

        Basically what you are saying is that divergent viewpoints have no place in your understanding and the liberal understanding of what a democracy should be.There is a frightening irony in that.

        1. d4n

          There really isn’t, the no side lie and distort fact, this isn’t an opposing view, it’s just lying, and those doing the lying are tax exempt and protected by libel, defamation and blasphemy laws, and funded by foreign and hidden investors, they are literally deliberately and effectively anti democratic.
          The idea that there’s a free speech or democratic reason to allow their lies just shows how badly understood free speech and democracy are.

  1. declan

    I’ve only seen FF yes posters. Other than that it’s all online stuff and I also saw a few flyer people at the Donegal game. The Yes side needs some boots on the ground

    1. Speakingofcake

      The Yes side is funded by donations and while people are extremely generous its obvious that the No side have a huge external budget, judging by the size, quality and sheer number of posters. Possibly they receive money from evangelical Christian orgs in the US, in the same way that Youth Defence are alleged to have around the time they blighted the city with their enormous anti-abortion posters. I don’t see a problem with removing some of the No posters, seeing as they clearly have a financial advantage over the Yes side.

      1. 2POC

        So if the Yes side could raise an even larger ‘external budget’ than the No side would it be acceptable to start pulling down Vote Yes posters?

      2. Anon

        > The Yes side is funded by donations
        Yes is backed by all the major political parties. If it fails it is all of them.
        Unless Enda makes a complete tit of himself but even then I still think it is on all of them.

      3. danny

        can you really be this stupid?what about every single political party firmly entrenched behind the yes campaign ,the media and the financial might of the liberal EU. Its hilarious to see all these lefty liberals with their anti establishment mentality fighting for the statis quo.they have tricked you into thinking they will ‘set you free’.they will strip us all of our individuality until we are all equally unidentifiable and controllable.,anyone who disagrees or is traditional is a homophobe,a zenophobe,a bigot or a fascist.you pc liberals are the pathetic yes men of your EU masters

      4. Talismania!

        I disagree with removing any posters – regardless of who’s got the biggest war chest, that’s a slippery slope which would lead to escalations that only the poster making companies would benefit from.

    1. anon

      You can be as offended as you like. No one has any right to interfere with posters from either side.

      If you want to be clever you could enforce the existing rules, there are lots of existing rules. Like complaining about posters that are too low or not properly labeled or making sure the posters and tags are properly cleaned up after the vote.

      Of course both sides have every right to do that.

        1. Rob_G

          And money is ‘just bits of paper’ – still doesn’t allow you to interfere with the ones that don’t belong to you.

          1. Ger Nalist

            I bet these poster removers were in the front row of the Je Suis Charlie protests a few months ago, with tears in their eyes…

      1. roj

        Seen that ciip before and it realy is clutching at straws. It’s like he saying that no one has a reasonable reason to be offended, ever. Sorry but that’s not how life works.

  2. Steve

    The posters are grossly offensive, no less so than if they were opposed to mixed race or mixed creed marriage . This whole debacle shouldn’t even be an issue. I say get rid of them and show the bigots there’s no place for them here.

    I would never agree to removing political posters but this is very different.

    These posters have reduced friends of mine to tears since they’ve gone up.

    Offensive doesn’t even begin to describe them

    1. Yea, Ok

      “I would never agree to removing political posters but I agree with removing these political posters.”
      Don’t give the No campaign ammo like this. Removing posters is a bad idea, no matter what the rights or wrongs of the vote.

      1. Drogg

        jo the true character of the yes side is the personal control people are having that they are not cracking open no side peoples heads like ripe fruit with hurleys because the comments that the no side are making are attacking a lot of peoples families and do you know that when you attack someones family they have a tendency no matter how claim a person to lose their poo. If anything i think the no side are lucky people are just taking down bigoted lies.

        1. Nially

          “Vote Yes, before we kill again!”

          But yeah, for real, the fact that *any* of those posters have been left up and that MAFM’s offices haven’t been burned to the ground says only good things about the characters of the Yes campaign, as well as anyone from a single-parent family, anyone whose parent died, anyone who was adopted, anyone who has gay parents, or really any of the other non-Iona-approved family types who those posters are merrily shitting all over.

    2. Paolo

      You are giving them ammunition to attack the result if it doesn’t go their way. Why can’t you see that breaking the rules is breaking the rules?

    3. anon

      > These posters have reduced friends of mine to tears since they’ve gone up.

      Oh you poor delicate child, have you sought professional counselling?

      If a campaign this crappy reduces anyone to tears they must need full time care, and to be wrapped head to toe in cotton wool, and a pony.

      It is also sad and offensive that people have defaced murals by the yes campaign.

  3. Casey

    I have to admit, I understand the urge but stepping back from the base short-term satisfaction that removing these bigoted lying posters would give me, I have to admit that they are better off left where they are.

    1- To maintain the higher moral ground
    2- To let people see the lies that these idiots are willing to tell in their desperation
    3- To get an insight into the ‘NO’ mindset to be better able to refute and talk against it

    Much as I hate to admit it, these girls are not doing their side any favours. However, that will still not stop me from voting YES because I want to live in a country that gives equal rights to all its citizens no matter who they cuddle up to to watch Corrie of an evening.

    And you never know, maybe, just maybe this was the ‘NO’ side taking down their own posters to make the other side look bad…..

      1. Casey

        Watching Corrie is part of the LGBT Manifesto not the Gay Agenda .

        The two groups decided to separate in the great schism of 1996 when one lot decided that Deirdre Barlow’s glasses were just high camp comedy of the highest order and the other group decided to stop watching Corrie altogether and departed for the depressed fjords (and Streets) of Albert Square.

        You know you cannot join in if you do not know the sociological and political leanings of the groups at hand.

        Get it right!

    1. Drogg

      Fupp the moral high ground. If the moral high ground is not doing everything in your power to fight for equality then the moral high ground is somewhere you shouldn’t aim to be.

        1. Drogg

          Yes, i have been waiting all morning for someone to make a Godwin comment, the internet delivers, woo.

          1. Paolo

            Does that make my comment any less relevant? When there are two sides to an argument then both sides think they are right (especially right-wing religious nut jobs). This is why it is important to obey the rule of law.

            I didn’t have to use Hitler as an example, I could have used any dictator or polemicist from history. How about IS? They know for a fact they are right and they are willing to kill hundreds of thousands of people to prove it.

          2. Drogg

            No but it doesn’t make me any less excited that you used it, i so wanted to use it earlier on but fought that urge and then it was used against me just made my morning. But besides all that, Paolo sometimes you have to chose a side sometimes thing need you to stand up and be counted and i feel this election is one of those times so if standing up for equality makes me hitler then i will be the best damn equality hitler going.

          3. Paolo

            I didn’t say it made you Hitler, I said that, in general, the people on both sides of an argument believe that they are right so if you are advocating breaking the law then the No side are perfectly entitled to do the same and POOF (Verbal Kint-style) democracy is gone.

            Let’s just play by the rules and win by the rules. Yeah?

          4. Drogg

            Except the rules always seem to benefit the unjust more and as per your Yes side think their right and No side think they’re right doesn’t change democracy now if like in my comment above religious people where being attacked in the street maybe executed for their beliefs then i would agree that democracy is on its way out, but why is someone banned from taking down or vandalising a poster that offends them not an infringement on their personal freedoms?

  4. Anyways

    these posters peddle misinformation and therefore I cannot see any problem with the girls taking them down

  5. AdamME

    Proper Order. The removal of hate-speech propaganda is only to be applauded. Illegality must be challenged if the law it’s not just

  6. Grosse Bite

    This is a no-contest battle, but only if we ALL vote.
    Make bloody sure you vote. This is a Human Rights issue.

    I’m not Gay, but for the life of me I cannot understand what argument anyone could possibly have against a YES viote.
    It isn’t just right, it’s long overdue.

    Make sure you vote.
    Let the majority be heard, because believe you me, the minority have a voice that needs to be drowned out.
    VOTE,i and vote again, as they used to say.

    1. Atticus

      Yeah, I’ve no doubt the the Yes side will win this hands down. However, I would hate to think that too many people would get complacent and not bother to vote. The Yes side needs to win with a massive majority to silence the No side once and for all. How can they keep up their weak argument if the Yes side win with a huge margin.

  7. Grosse Bite

    Mea Culpa.

    -No way is it only a ‘no-contest’ battle.
    It’s obvious that the ‘YES’ side will win, but we need to make it such a landslide that our poxy government take heed and recognise the force that we are.*

    *I’m not gay. No messing, I’m not.

  8. Some Dad

    It is possible that they are no people moving the signs to another site as they have stated that they have a limited poster budget.

    1. greypalm

      They’re not “No” campaigners. I recognise one of the girls, and she’s very much pro-equality.

  9. lees jeez

    Even though I am voting YES. This is out of order and has no defence, you simply cannot interfere with an an opposing argument. These gilrs should be penalised….They wont though. What bugs me more though is, the world we live in today, this incident/crime will be promptly forgotten about by tomorrow, however if it was the NO campaign taking down YES posters…..my word we have much larger homophobic furore on our hands……And the irony is, this referendum is about equality. Hmmmm!

    1. Jane

      Part of me is inclied to agree with you, but you are using the phrase “opposing argument” as if these posters present an honest or factual argument – or even an argument. But they don’t. The least offensive of these posters is entirely disingenuous, the most offensive are outright lies.

      1. lees jeez

        Ok fair enough, ‘argument’ is perhaps not the right word, but it is their belief/view/preference and they do have as much right to campaign as the opposition side. I must stress though it really is more the fact that if the roles were reveres in this situation….there would be a media frenzy.

      2. Odis

        No you are right Jane. You know in Syria, Sunni Muslims cut the heads off Shi-ite Muslims, with rusty bread knives, because they have a different point of view on the religion of Islam.
        If we were to take a slightly harsher stance on the views of the “No” side – no doubt these offensive knuckle draggers would come round to seeing things correctly.

        1. Jane

          Yes indeed. Equating wishing people would just be honest about their objections is exactly the same as beheading people with rusty bread knives.

          Or it isn’t.

          One of those, definitely.

          The thing is, whether you think that the referendum should be passed is a matter of opinion. Implying that children will be stripped from their parents and redistributed to The Gays is not, it’s a lie. Describing it as a legitimate opinion that people should be allowed to promote without any pushback is stupid.

  10. Just sayin'

    “These posters have reduced friends of mine to tears since they’ve gone up.”

    Some people have very sensitive friends.
    I think anything that tries to censure debate in the run-up to a constitutional referendum is undemocratic and intolerant.

    While Voltaire didn’t actually say ““I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”, he really should have.

    1. Jane

      Yeah, I mean, how could this possibly be a sensitive issue for the people who will be directly affected? How touchy do you have to be to get upset about seeing a fundamental part of who you are spoken about in such a degrading and dishonest manner? They should just get a life and not care like normal straight people (who, by massive coincidence, are never attacked in this way). They need to be a bit more like us, don’t they? If someone was treating us in the manner that the No campaign are treating gay people, we’d all just be like all cool with it and all, nice and suave while people like to continue to deny us freedom and equality. Not massive cry babies.

        1. Jane

          Of course we should discuss the referendum, but on honest terms. Lying in a manner calculated to incite prejudice against a specific group is not discussing the referendum.

    2. Stewart Curry

      I’d defend someone right up to the point of inconvenience, but I wouldn’t jump on a grenade to save the life of someone who’s using the Helen Lovejoy defense to argue against gay marriage.

  11. Owen

    They have no right to take them down, not only is it playing into the hands of the no vote, but it is denying something that this referendum is founded in. The basic human right of equality (not to mention freedom of speech and a right to campaign for what you believe in). And people getting upset by their message is a joke. Stop being so sensitive. If these upset you, you should probably never go on the internet.

      1. Jane

        Yeah, it’s really tiring when people object to others being denied equal rights due to lies. People who think that you should at least object honestly are so boring. I’m tired of them, too with their high horses and brains. Why can’t they just accept discrimiation on the basis of lies and prejudice like all the cool kids?

        1. Paolo

          Jane, you cannot pick and choose what laws to obey and what ones to reject. It is precisely what those people will do when it suits them. It’s like the poster on George’s street. I like the message (not the image) but it is in breach of the planning law. Turning a blind eye to the law is what shyster politicians and business people have been doing in this country for years. Don’t give these nut jobs ammunition to attack the result when it goes against them.

    1. missred

      Or go outside and see the posters, right? These are on lamp-posts, not on the internet. What possesses you to to tell people whose actual lives they affect “stop being so sensitive”? The message and people getting seriously upset is not a joking matter. I’m taking it you are straight then? Otherwise you would not post something so dismissive and d*ckish

      1. skbac

        You live in a democracy. Just because you find a particular point of view to be repellent, doesn’t give you the right to silence the person expressing that point of view. And I say that as a ‘yes’ voter.

      2. Owen

        Sorry my comment offended you, but in my defence, I did say you should stay off the internet. Also, bit ironic you assumed im straight, ‘Otherwise you would not post something so dismissive ..’

        You’re so far in the left you can’t even see the middle.

    2. Odis

      How dare you judge other peoples sensitivities. I cried me a river, when I was shocked by the first No poster. Even now I find it difficult to walk past one without tears welling up and getting a lump in my throat.
      How can people be so hateful?

  12. JEFF

    So many sensitive souls on here. Boo the bad people disagree with me. They made me cry. A yes vote is not a foregone conclusion and taking down No posters is very stupid. It will turn off floating voters and it makes those who took the posters down look like children. Believe it or not there are people who will vote no and are not evil monsters. They believe as strongly in a No vote as you believe in a Yes vote. Crying over posters or taking them down is not helping you achieve a Yes vote, it just makes you look infantile.

    1. Nially

      “Believe it or not there are people who will vote no and are not evil monsters.”

      Exactly. Some of them aren’t evil, they’re just deeply, catastrophically ignorant So there!

    2. timbot

      I think taking the posters down is wrong and that’s as a yes voter but it is weird to me how aggressive the poster defenders are. People get upset by things, that’s not a crime. In society we usually try to minimise the suffering of people. I respect and even sympathise with the no vote and don’t want to personally upset no voters over their views (many of my family are considering a no vote). So why this hard man attitude from the no voters, could the same message be communicated in a more respectful way?

  13. jeremy kyle

    Campaign posters are redundant at this stage anyway. The amount of money that’s wasted printing and hanging up the fuppin’ things. Who makes their judgements on a referendum off a poster AND is even bothered about voting?

    But, if you really want to you could just stick up your own posters…

  14. Joe835

    As a Yes voter, I’m very uncomfortable with the vandalising and removal of No posters. Firstly, the removal of Yes posters by the No side would be (rightly) viewed as outrageous, so it’s a double-standard to say otherwise and anti-democratic to boot. People lying on posters to get votes? Jesus, what a ground-breaking and totally-new concept! Why weren’t FF posters reefed down left, right and centre since 1940-something so?

    The problem with the Yes campaign is that it spends too much time talking to itself, asserting its moral superiority with dozens of touching videos and logos, murals and badges while completely failing to confront the No side. The Yes side thinks it’s right and anyone who isn’t voting Yes is a homophobe.

    I don’t think all No voters are homophobes. They’re wrong in my opinion, but they’re also ignorant. And I mean that in the nicest way possible; they are literally unaware of the difficulties faced by gay people, both in principle and practice, in having this “other” status in society. A close relative of mine, for example, thought the whole referendum was a big fuss over nothing and “sure why do they need a vote anyway?” I could’ve called her a homophobe but instead I chose to engage.

    Same with another relative who said she was “of a generation that believes marriage is between a man and a woman”. I again chose to have that debate rather than call her a homophobe; that a lot of people her age (80+) are voting yes and children need loving parents, not one of each gender at any cost.

    Racism won’t be defeated by calling every person who doesn’t fully-subscribe a “racist”; you need to convince, cajole and carry them along. Otherwise you get division, marginalisation and digging-in.

    Unfortunately, that’s neither snappy nor short enough a philosophy to fit on a badge.

    1. Barry Billy

      This! I don’t think all no voters are homophobes, but the yes side is very much ‘You’re either with us or against us.’ I also don’t like videos and posts mocking no voters, there’s no need for it. Prejudice is prejudice no matter what form it takes.

      1. Jane

        *Prejudice is prejudice no matter what form it takes.*

        Well, I haven’t seen an non-homophobic argument from a No voter, and every time I raise the issue and ask for the non-homophobic argument, my interlocoturs become curiously silent.

        Interestingly, there are many posters here defending the rights of no voters and accusing the yes side of prejudice, which is interesting. We aren’t the ones lying to appeal to popular and unthinking prejudice to deny people the right to live with the same legal stature as everyone else.

        1. Odis

          “Interestingly, there are many posters here defending the rights of no voters and accusing the yes side of prejudice, which is interesting. We aren’t the ones lying to appeal to popular and unthinking prejudice to deny people the right to live with the same legal stature as everyone else.”
          Jaysus – You could be a future President of America at this rate.

    2. Tucker Done

      The Yes campaign in a nutshell. There is a large number of people who agree in principle with the change (hence the current polls) but when it comes to voting will be unsure/afraid of voting against the status quo. Without proper engagement on the issue at every level this referendum will fall.

    3. rotide


      Brilliant post Joe, it’s people like you that will win this vote for the yes side, not the fringe lunatics that take pleasure in turning every post into an extreme left circlejerk.

  15. Tá Frilly Keane

    What the phuq is wrong wi’ya ffs
    Getting all twisty knickers over what is nothing more than than a bitta border duty in an important run up

    What the girls are up ta is no different than the Tip heads swapping out black and amber road markings to blue and gold in designated territories.

    There are examples of this harmless practice from all over the country.

    Good work girls. Wear your colours with pride

    1. lees jeez

      Was waiting for the trolls to join in…well done Tá Frilly Keane….the problem is, it’s not even good trolling!

        1. Joe the Lion

          LOL that was Offaly naughty of me – I left a bit of the sentence out, sorry lads.

          thanks Paolo for the smack on the bottom.

          I would be better off being kept on the Laois.

          1. Tá Frilly Keane

            Mind you
            There is a bitta Boundary Commission hangover argy bargy from way back

            The Offaille hurling stronghold is still being argued as being Tip NR
            And some of those handier Offaille lads being of particular interest

  16. Jay

    I think I recognise the people in the photograph from the group: Mothers and Fathers Defenders of Proper Use of English in a Referendum Argument.

    They posted on their website that the feel justified in taking down the posters that say ‘redefine’ marriage as the independent referendum commission stated: The Constitution does not define marriage and, at present, does not set out who is entitled to marry or who is not entitled to marry.

    You can’t redefine something that isn’t defined – you can only define it.

    I think they’re putting those posters back up once amended to say: We already have civil partners. Don’t define marriage.

  17. danny

    typical leftist tactic .’everyone is entitled to their opinion once it isnt different to mine’
    I will be voting no,not because I could care less about the church or cause who someone else is sleeping with is any of my business but because I believe a child deserves a mother and father.This is the ideal starting point in life and though alot of other situations occur ,we as a society should aim for the best.Same sex marriage will not help kids chances in this regard.This is my opinion and if any commie gets upset then thats the freedom of speech.As for censoring posters this is the vociferous minority at work.

    1. Dubh Linn

      You do realise that the adoption bill was passed weeks ago and has NOTHING to do with the marriage equality act, don’t you?

      It is not like they give out a free kid with every wedding.

  18. Parochial Central

    Obviously these Stasi mofos are so insecure in their YES arguments that they have to prevent the NO side from participating. Perhaps they can organise a burning of the posters, Nazi-style too. Might want to not wear red shoes when being photographed. And why hide the faces of these little creeps?

    1. Dubh Linn

      Yeah, I still reckon it was very “convenient” that someone was taking these posters down in such a good light.
      Surely it is the no side taking down some of their own posters in order to be able to blame the yes side.

      1. Ultravox

        @Dubh Linn As you are well aware from Your Minister for Homelessness, Joan Burton, these anti-Government types have “expensive” mobile phones with which to video stuff. This is definitely the work of the YES side. Certainly, the emotional ugliness fits. Perhaps you can raise it at your next @Labour meeting.

        1. Dubh Linn

          Jaysus, that’s some fierce late hour to be coming in from the pub altogether. And look at you trying to write a coherent sentence too!

          The only problem is I have no notion what you are blathering on about but sure thanks for taking the time to try all the same.

  19. danny

    in reply to Dubh linn,the child and family relationship act 2015 or the adoption bill as you call it has been forced through covertly without opposition,amendment or debate.you may see this as proof of its merits but I feel it prudent to point out the last bill on animal welfare took months to debate with volumes of amendments.should not legislation affecting our nations children deserve more scrutiny than our animals.now hold tough ,dont anyone start crying just yet.presently homosexuals can as individuals apply to adopt but two homosexuals cannot apply as a couple .the passing of the marriage equality referendum would change this.adoption agencies favour families with two married adults as being more stable and the passing of this bill would put married same sex couples on the same footing as heterosexual couples.you may applaud this as equality but it isnt about looking more pc than the rest of the world,its about whats best for the child.its messing with nature and most people will concede that without the male and female influences of their parents growing up they would have missed out on so much.most children from a single parent family will admit how much they thought about their missing mammy or daddy

    1. Dubh Linn

      Dear Danny,

      I am afraid your meanderings and what-a-boutery and imagine-what-might-happens and THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN should have been better thought out, non-reactionary, based on evidence, a little less histrionic and written with at least a minor concession to grammar.

      Perhaps then, and only then it would not be akin to something resembling the demented baaaahings of a sheep for me to take it seriously.

      I am proud to have as part of my family a step-son, an adopted “child” (although he may disagree with the latter part of this description as he turned 20 last weekend) and my daughter. Each and everyone as much a son and daughter to me as each other. I would lay down my life for any of them. Yet everyday walking to work and on the internet, I see that the only proper family, according to the NO campaign is one with a natural Mother and Father.

      So to everyone that came up with that campaign, bugger off. You and everyone like you. The more I see those poster, the more people voting YES I will rally to to vote come the day. YES YES YES YES YES damm YES.

      Oh and the marriage equality bill still has nothing to do with adoption no matter how much you rave on about it with your whataboutery. Marriage does not guarantee ANYONE, straight, LGTB, asexual or *whatever* a child. Have a go at reading it if your rudimentary comprehension skills stretch that far.

    2. Drogg

      danny i grew up in a single parent family and never missed my other parent. You are talking through your hoop and what you are saying is absolute nonsense. If anything danny i’d say the protection of children is the last thing on your mind and when this referendum passes, which it will, i will full hearted, belly laugh, in the face of small minded bigots like yourself and before you start whinging that i am not debating your points or that i am calling you names 1. all the moronic statements you have made have already been answered above a lot of them by myself and 2. people like you don’t deserve me spending my time writing you a reasoned post because you won’t listen to it and you are so fupping moronic that i won’t be able to get my big words into that tiny brain of yours.

      1. Joe the Lion

        Well said drogg they deleted my reply to this amadan earlier after I made the reasonable point that his contribution consisted of Wah Wah Wah I miss my mommy

      2. Dubh Linn

        Drogg, I have read the posts of yourself and Lorcan with great interest over the last few days because I picked up on what you both said about being from single parent families / having gay relations.

        My first wife died when our adopted son was 8 and our daughter was 3. I thought, right, sleeves up, lots of single and unmarried women manage this, you can too. Could I f**k! but I tried my best.

        One Sunday, the kids had spaghetti hoops and flour noodles for their dinner as I was just beat and let them choose their own food from centra. There was more blood than thread used when I had to sew something and the thought of putting a French plait in a small girls long hair still makes me break out in a sweat.

        Anyhow, I think in my way, all I am saying is that the best parent is not the one who is your blood relation, it is the one that loves you and will do anything to look after you and raise you right. Even if that does mean you grow up with a strange love for cold baked beans because there is not one parent that is 100% perfect all the time…. (especially me)

        You write with great compassion and a huge heart. You are a credit to the parent that raised you. I know a good kid when I see one.

        Despite all my bumbling, my three turned out just fine. I re-married five years ago and now have a step son) The titles “adopted”, “step” are just for clarity – they are all my kids and I love them ferociously…. and keep a giant Lidl bag of Bombay mix in the kitchen cupboard for when the ones that live away descend on us at weekends.

  20. danny

    Firstly Drogg you didnt debate any of my points ,this is plain for everyone to see.Secondly ,what big words did you use?Your big brain must have been sweating spelling referendum.Your other intellectual comments mainly involve hoops and poo .You are the bigot,talking about equality while promoting censoring posters you dont agree with.
    Dubh Linn ,I never said marriage guaranteed adoption.nobody has a ‘right to adopt’.I simply said this bill puts homosexual COUPLES on an equal footing with married heterosexual couples if this referendum is passed,something I and a huge percentage of Irish people (including many homosexuals)would find objectional.This is FACT The rest of your comment does more to discredit you than I could.
    This discussion is about people taking down posters they disagree with .Drogg thinks he can decide what is and whats not a valid argument.My comments are explaining this argument in simpler terms,People reading these comments can decide for themselves.Whatever you opinion my comment certainly seems to have hit a nerve with Dubh Linn,Drogg and a few others,Whats wrong? Does the truth hurt?

    1. Drogg

      Today’s red C poll puts 78% of people voting Yes, so I don’t think, I know you have less support then you think, also the new legislation already puts civil partners and long term relation gay couples on the same footing for adoption as married straight couples just ask the lawyers for yes campaign since they are the legal experts. This referendum has nothing to do with children all it is is giving gay people the same rights as everyone else to get married and annoying the hell out of people like you but you go back to your 1940’s fantasy land and I will enjoy Ireland where families of all shapes and sizes are treated equally and bigots like you are the out casts.

      1. Dubh Linn

        I will enjoy Ireland where families of all shapes and sizes are treated equally

        I cannot wait for this day! To be part of a modern, compassionate, inclusive country that treats all its citizens equally is the best legacy we can leave for our children and grandchildren. If any of them turn out to be gay, I will be able to look them in the eye and know I helped in a small way with one small vote to make Ireland a better place for them to live.

        You see, I am thinking about the children.

        1. NICE anne (dammit)

          Sounds good to me. I like this vision of Ireland and will be voting yes on the day too.

  21. danny

    Drogg.Thank you for your opinioned reply.Im no lawyer but according to Dr Fergus Ryan ,Lecturer in Law, DIT gay UNMARRIED couples at this time cannot adopt .Check out Youtube ‘Ireland Prime Time Gay Marriage/Adoption Debate ‘at 2 mins 17.
    Regarding the Red C poll, this referendum more than any previous, has people afraid to express opinion.The 22nd of May is the only poll that matters .I have to say though if even only 1 in 5 share my views thats still 20%.Some of the participants in this debate think censoring the views of 20% by removing their posters is acceptable.I have to ask you Drogg ,do you still stand over your comment about cracking open the heads of No voters with hurleys?Please answer this .
    This referendum has in my opinion serious consequences for our children and if anyone cares to watch ‘What same sex marriage did to Massachuses’ on Youtube they will see its not as clear cut as two adults marriage as the Yes side would have you believe.

    1. Drogg

      Firstly Dr Fergus Ryan comments where made before the current change in legislation so you really should check stuff like that before you reference it, since the law has changed since he made those comments. 2nd polls are anonymous as voting there is no reason to believe people will vote differently as to what they said in the poll and this also doesn’t count people under the age of 18 and people who have emigrated which the vast majority according to anyone who has asked them would vote yes so that means that less then 20% of people in this country consider marriage equality as the right thing to do. Thirdly if you read my comment above correctly which you obviously didn’t but is said

      “the true character of the yes side is the personal control people are having that they are not cracking open no side peoples heads like ripe fruit with hurleys because the comments that the no side are making are attacking a lot of peoples families and do you know that when you attack someones family they have a tendency no matter how claim a person to lose their poo. If anything i think the no side are lucky people are just taking down bigoted lies.”

      Because i have met a lot of people over the last week from many different types of families that are not the ideal 1940’s style family that the no side want and they are very angry that the no side are saying their families are not real families and i stick by my above comments that when you attack someones family people will do whatever they can to protect their loved ones so the No side are lucky people are just taking down signs that are not just lies but are ridiculously offensive and not looking for violent retribution because of the hurt that the No sides lies have cause.

      and finally I had to scan through your “What same sex marriage did to Massachuses” video as it is 26 upping minutes long but let me reiterate this to you if you follow what this moron says as legitimate reasons to oppose same sex marriage you are an idiot. This is a perfect example of the worst of the internet a moron spouting that his bigotry should be excepted while getting upset that marriage certs don’t have husband and wife written on them any more, he also seems to oppose equality and sex education in schools. If this is the best you can come at me with i really feel sorry for you.

  22. danny

    Drogg.I’m sorry ‘WHAT SAME SEX MARRIAGE DID TO MASSACHUSES’ was so long,it can be difficult for some people to concentrate for that length of time.The main message was that as soon as it was brought in, people found the gay agenda was not only being forced down their throats but also their childrens in primary school.Cant the LGBT let childrens innocence alone for even a few years before trying to influence them.The message was ,once this becomes legal it becomes illegal for anyone to disagree,so much for equality or freedom of speech.
    I stand over what I said about adoption.If this bill is passed gay married couples will be on an equal footing with straight married couples.A mother and father is the natural ideal.
    Nobody means to undermine any family and these days they take many models.As a society we should aim for the ideal.
    As for the Yes sides patience displayed by only taking down posters and not cracking heads because you are so upset this is typyical of the Yes campaign.Its all about your precious feelings ,no thought for your responsibilities.I wonder what kind of wonderful future you and Dubh Linn dream of.A world where anything goes,where adults are free to publicly flault whatever perversion takes their fancy.Where same sex couples rent surrogate mothers like prostitues.Where children are screened for disabilities or for sex with one finger in the abort button .?
    All in the name of liberalism and selfishness.What kind of enviroment would this make for children?

    1. Joe the Lion

      A world where anything goes,where adults are free to publicly flault whatever perversion takes their fancy.Where same sex couples rent surrogate mothers like prostitues.Where children are screened for disabilities or for sex with one finger in the abort button .?

      – Thanks for sharing your perverted fantasies with the group.

    2. Drogg

      danny what worries me is that what you see as perversions the majority of people in civilised society see as the rights people should have to live in a free and equal society.I am glad my kids will grow up in an Ireland where it is ok to be LGBT and that more kids will be adopted and loved instead of herder into state institutions. I wonder what you mean when you say

      “As for the Yes sides patience displayed by only taking down posters and not cracking heads because you are so upset this is typyical of the Yes campaign.Its all about your precious feelings ,no thought for your responsibilities.”

      as I don’t know what responsibilities you are referring to, can you elaborate?

    3. Dubh Linn

      Danny, I feel very sorry for you.

      You keep screaming about this ideal of a natural Mother and Father without having any idea of what a child actually needs.

      You equate equality with children being given to gay couples instead of straight couples. When in reality what will happen is that every applicant that wants to open up their hearts and their homes to an orphan will be assessed on their merits as has always been the case. I have an adopted son and if I were in the position, I would adopt again and would have no problem with another couple being considered as suitable parents for the child too. In fact, I would be delighted for the child. Having two families willing to give you a home when once you had none must be a wonderful feeling.

      You equate inclusiveness with children being oversexualised too early when all evidence shows that sex-ed has no effect on the sexual development of a child (Anyhow regarding the spoiling of innocence – the good old Catholic Church beat you to that one 30 years ago) Please show me one peer reviewed and approved study that shows this is the case. Just one. (And not a loony preacher-type screaming from the pulpit of their prejudices, you scamp)

      You equate compassion and engagement with some sort of aggressive arguments when all people have done is try to talk to you despite your (and I am being nice here) somewhat erratic and aggressive approach to responding to anyone who replies to you whilst conveniently ignoring the points that they make as they do not suit your perverted view of the world.

      I am sorry you see only see perversity where some people are only asking for the same civil rights as anyone else in this country.

      I am really sorry for you that you view surrogate Mothers as prostitutes, that last statement of yours makes me think that you have more problems than anyone other than a determined psychiatrist can solve.

      I am going to stop talking to you now because I think you are making your poor self very unhappy spinning around in a vortex of your own bigotry and misery. I hope when the Yes vote passes it does not have too profound an effect on your mental health. Perhaps once you see that the evils that you describe do not come to pass once the LGTB community are granted the same civil rights as anyone else, you might take a breath and get on with enjoying your life instead of trying to dictate how other people should be oppressed in theirs.

      Good luck.

      1. Caaey

        Don’t waste your breath of the likes of this idiot. Chances are he is one of the Broadsheet staff generating “controversy” now that people have figured out ABM was a swizz.

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