24 thoughts on “What Is That?

  1. Sheila

    Mandarin duck. There’s another Asian ornamental bird whose name escapes me, but looks similar. Very few in Ireland, but here all the same.

    1. manolo

      Every photo of the Mandarin Duck I find they are on water. I wonder why this one has spent most of the day on the same tree.

      1. italia'90

        He might not have heard that the search for Ray Burke is over?

        They’ll be looking for Mickey Noonan soon I fear.
        (I don’t really fear that tbh)

  2. Other Robert

    It may be a Mandarin but it looks a little dull (hard to be sure from the angle). So it could be a Wood duck. There’s feral populations of both in the Dublin area. It’s one or the other. Mandarins nest in trees unusually for ducks. Not sure about Wood ducks.

  3. manolo

    The mandarin duck was found dead on the same spot last Monday. Obviously there was something wrong with it. Sad.

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