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Ah here.

Siteserv again.

Bewildered student writes:

Going through Siteserv’s market results (as you do) for year-ending April 30, 2011. It states that Siteserv secured a water meter contract in Dublin in 2010. I have seen no reference to this anywhere else…although I do seem to recall John Tierney was Dublin City Manager at the time.
Since the national water meter contract was only awarded to Siteserv’s subsidiary GMC Sierra in July 2013 I was wondering if someone could help shed a little light on this for me?


Market Results – Siteserv 2010/2011

16 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. Talismania!

    It’s only a million euro – so it couldn’t have been for much. Weren’t businesses charged for water?

  2. rotide

    a quick question about this ongoing feature:

    Why would anyone ask a broadsheet reader anything when all you are going to get is a predictable answer approved by the group think?

    Try, at least there’s a wider demographic there.

  3. Markus

    1. Commercial premises are metered.
    2. it was only one million euro so not that large a contract.

    You are looking to be outraged by something that isn’t untoward. back to your studies bewildered student.

  4. sqoid

    and some are working engineers with professional experience working in water conservation

    As was already said the rehabilitation works would have been the replacement of old worn out and leaking pipes.
    Metering could of been public mains metering or Non-Domestic metering

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