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  1. John

    The Sun yet again proving it can break it’s own record for tasteless disgusting headlines and front page stories.

    1. Hank

      Just came on to say the same but three people had beat me to it.
      Having said that, I sincerely hope that Alexander Pacteau gets repeatedly ‘Franned’ in the showers of his new Scottish home..

      1. Mysterymeat

        So you are (presumably) concerned about the poor taste and possible hurt the headline will cause to the victim’s family, and in the next breath are wishing physical violence on somebody who has (as yet) been convicted of no crime? I sincerely hope the perpetrator is found guilty and duly punished, but I don’t see how random violence against the accused is called for.

    2. ceo

      Was on a sess last night and saw that late. Drunkenly felt like sending a strong worded letter to the editor. Still as angry about it this morning. It’s hard to find words.

    3. rotide

      It’s like people round here wake up and think to themselves “Wow that’s incredible, the sun has come up again!”

      This is the sun newspaper you are complaining about. It’s not anything new.

      1. LiamZero

        There are degrees of awfulness to their headlines, this one is at the particularly bad end. Your inability to appreciate that nuance shows up your own lack of critical abilities: the Sun might be a rag but it’s relatively rare that their front page headline will be as vile as today’s.
        The expressions of revulsion here are appropriate.

        1. rotide

          It appears you are too young to remember the falklands war, lord mountbattens death and the hillsborough disaster.

          I suggest you read up on the sun’s take on these before trying to be condescending.

          1. LiamZero

            An expected response from someone called out for being condescending themselves. And also proof that your ability to appreciate nuance is sorely lacking. Thank you for the confirmation. x

          2. Formerly known as @ireland.com


            So, being a vile paper for a long time means that nobody should express their disgust with it, now?

            There is a difference. There was no Irish edition back then, there is now.

            Many of us have been unhappy with it for a long time. I will paraphrase, ‘This is the sun newspaper we are complaining about. It’s not anything new.’

  2. Dubh Linn

    The only role that women have to play in The Sun’s pages are that of “up for it tart” or “asking for it victim” I am genuinely amazed there isn’t a picture of someone in their underwear on the same front page.

    Reporting on the Sandy Hook murders? Hey, here is a bikini clad TV actress on the same front page
    The Broadmoor beast is a danger to women? Hey here is a pop singer showing her knickers on the same front page
    Man accused of pediophilia? – Here is an actress showing her boobs on the same front page
    A crisis in mental care facilities? Here is an actress sticking her boobs out on the same page
    The Oscar Pistorius trial, here is a picture of the WHOARRR woman he murdered (no name in a bikini)

    I genuinely wonder how David Dinsmore can sleep at night.

  3. martco

    Irish “Independent” my fupping hole!!!

    One of the biggest stories in the history of grubby politicking and cronyism and half the English languages adjectives going down and what do they do? Plant a half assed bullshit story about some random possibly maybe irrelevant topic as their lead story with a little column to the right about Siteselfserv and rest of the proper news buried in pages 4-5

    You’re nothing but the fupping Beano at this stage, the best yet you fupping comic mag!!

  4. Jaffa

    The Sun really is the most disgusting, insenstive, sensationalist, puerile rag there has ever been. What a reprehensible attitude to print that headline knowing that someone associated with that families tragedy will most likely inadvertently see it on a newsstand.

  5. Soundings

    Irish Times “The Fat Issue, obesity expert Stephen O’Rahilly on why it’s not a crime to be fat”

    O’Rahilly explains that leptin hormone deficiency leads some people to eat and eat. And you shouldn’t. you know, point and laugh at those lardarses. Shura, they can’t help it, it’s genetic like.

    What O’Rahilly doesn’t say, or at least, it’s not reported by the IT, is less than 2% of the population have leptin deficiency. Yet two thirds of the Irish population is obese or overweight, and 5% have Type 2 diabetes placing an enormous burden on the health service.

    What another fine job from the “paper of record”. Obesity is primarily caused by what you eat, exercise in fact has limited value in combatting obesity (though exercise still has a treasure trove of health benefits). Stop drinking Coca Cola (even the diet stuff), stay well away from fast food (including chippers, pizza joints and Chinese) and avoid Tayto and Cadburys like the plague.

  6. Atticus

    Yeah, have to add to the Sun hate. Awful headline, and the picture used is just so inappropriate.

  7. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    The Irish Sun headline….the sooner Murdoch and News Corpse disappear, the better.

    In Australia, a similar tragedy occurred a few weeks ago. A Bride-to-be went missing. Mr. Murdoch’s Brisbane rag came out with the headline mentioned in the article here:


    To think Murdoch controls 70% of the papers sold (30% of the Titles) in Australia, is upsetting. His selection for next PM usually wins. His rags incite hatred and bigotry. He gave up his Aussie citizenship, so he could buy US media , yet thinks he can pontificate to Aussies.

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