10 thoughts on “I Suppose A Flock is Out of The Question?

  1. Onetwothreefour

    It’s South Wall. (Would yis just take a minute to check things, in general, please?)

  2. The Lady Vanishes

    It’s the Great South Wall, otherwise known as the South Bull Wall, Bull Wall seems perfectly correct, what are you complaining about.

    1. JollyRoger

      The bull wall is actually I guess what you’d consider “the North bull wall” this gets its name from the Irish for Clontarf. The South Great Wall was never intended to be called the bull wall.

      1. Sinabhfuil

        Thank you! That’s a brilliant way to remember it! And a particularly nice piece of factoidia too.

        1. Puca

          Adding to the ‘factoidia’… The south wall was constructed under the command of Capt Bligh – later of Bounty fame (the mutiny not the chocolate bar)

  3. SusanTheSilent

    It’s also called the Lighthouse Wall, the Shellybanks, the Pigeon House, the Costelloe’s, Poolbeg and the Half Moon if you’re not going all the way to the light house :)

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