Wells Did You Ever?



Via Storyful:

Jim Wells, Northern Ireland’s health minister, claimed that children of same sex parents were more likely to be neglected and abused. The Democratic Unionist Party politician made the comments at a hustings event in Downpatrick on Thursday, April 23.

Thanks Donie O’Sullivan


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52 thoughts on “Wells Did You Ever?

  1. Owen

    What an idiot. I’d love to see his supporting evidence. Given he changed his term from evidence on ‘homosexual marriage’ to that on ‘non stable marriage’ would imply that the data he may (or may not have) is not in relation to homosexual marriage, but actually in relation to non-stable marriage. Which, in Ireland, have zero evidence of being linked.

    How do these people get into government?!

    1. Unreconstructed

      He’s a minister for health…some relevance perhaps? As this is the North, where the normal rules don’t apply, he’ll get away with it.

    2. Odis

      Bigoted Northern Irish politician talks load of bigoted ****. Well I never – what’s the world coming too?

      1. Ultach

        Take out the Northern Irish and put in Unionist for extra accuracy. He don’t speak for all of us.

          1. Ultach

            Not everyone in the northeast is a foamy mouthed Britisher or Provo. Some are nice, normal foamy mouthed gaeilgeoirs. :-)

          2. Jonotti

            republicans aren’t bigoted. they painted the free derry wall pink to support gay rights long ago.

  2. Jane

    Let me be the first to jump in with “it’s his opinion so he has the right to express it and even though it’s a lie designed to hurt, humiliate and incite prejudice, it’s an opinion of exactly the same value as any other so you can’t disagree with it”.

    That feels a bit weird.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      An opinion based on…..??

      *please all tick boxes which apply;

      Evidence [ ]
      Fear [ ]
      Discrimination / Bigotry [ ]
      Ignorance [ ]
      Preachin’ [ ]

      1. Jane

        Oh I’ve no idea, all of the above, I imagine. I’m really only parroting the opinions I’ve been reading about No posters all morning where the mood seems to be that all opinions are equal, even if they’re lies and are of exactly the same merit as opinions based on reality.

    2. jeremy kyle

      Well IMO, I think that when you’re the minister for health and you’re referring to your opinions as facts it’s a little different.

    3. Owen

      He didn’t state an opinion. He is trying to claim that there is evidence indicating that same sex marriage results in child abuse. There is no such evidence in Ireland. So unlike the posters there is no subjectivity, or opinion, to concern yourself with. Easy. We can all agree on this one. He is factually wrong.


        1. Owen

          I agree. But, to remain in the factual manner (which is his approach, so let’s smash it), there is no possibility of this in Ireland, as he is focusing on homosexual marriage and adoption. So not only is the ‘fact’ wrong, there is no method for his evidence to have been gathered.

      1. Jess

        The posters that state that the referendum will effect surrogacy and adoption are just as much of a lie as this fellas opinion

        1. Owen

          Yes, I agree 100%, but their removal is illegal, and also not in the interest of the yes campaig.

      1. Odis

        >statement of (non) fact
        >disturbingly wrong on many levels

        Goes with the patch really. You’ll probably find its what he has to do to get votes from his constituency. Of course South of the Border, our politicians would never do anything like that.

  3. Ultach

    Not a pip on BBC “national” news. If a minister in Scotland or Wales came out with this it would be all over the shop. But then, I suppose this isn’t really news. Kerry on Peddys, es long as you aaan’t blewing ap Landan.

    1. Ultach

      Correction, it’s just popped up way down at the bottom of the website, right under “Johnson free to play for Sunderland”. Someone in Landan is reading Broadsheet by the looks.

    2. Rob_G

      In fairness, there would be little time for reporting anything else if they were to report on the mad stuff that the DUP come out with.

      Whatever else you can say about the politicians in the rest of Ireland, they at least believe in evolution & climate change!

    3. ahjayzis

      You’d think they’d be putting the DUP under more scrutiny considering they might very well be in government in Westminster in a few weeks…

      1. Ultach

        Been a bit of that going on on, wait for it, BBC Radio Ulster. So you might have missed it. As might people in Blighty.

    4. Odis

      They gave up on reporting on Unionists after peak Paisley. It was much to alien for the average Brit to conceive.

  4. Tá Frilly Keane

    You have to remember
    Iris says
    You can catch the gay

    Which is how her ex son in law got it
    Tis catching
    Up thur

  5. Paolo

    If you are expecting reason and logic from a member of the DUP then you will be waiting for a long time.

          1. Odis

            No I didn’t. But then I stopped watching it years ago. I think the fact that its constantly repeated detracts from its original brilliance. I prefer to remember it as it was – if that makes sense.

  6. Rob_G

    Very silly comment on Twitter that made me giggle nonetheless:

    “His teeth have been abused!!”

  7. Truth in the News

    Since he know’s….perhaps he’d enlighten us on the going’s on at Kincora
    all those years ago, it hasn’t gone away you know.

  8. mthead

    what are these people so afraid of that such things, which are contrary to evidence, are said? seriously, how can we help them get over this fear? let’s stop harassing them and shouting at them, they’re afraid; why? I refuse to believe such otherwise nice people are just hate mongers, no person is that two dimensional.

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