Button Jockey


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Superdextrous mixer Shawn Wasabi puts a custom-built 64 button Midi Fighter (the first of its kind, apparently) through its paces with a 153-sample mashup. Sez he:

…the button on the bottom left triggers banks. 4 buttons on the bottom right trigger banks within banks. everything else is sounds.

Now you know.


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6 thoughts on “Button Jockey

  1. jeremy kyle

    I enjoyed that.

    But, I know this might out me as a philistine because I don’t really see the point of performing a live mashup – like what’s the difference in it being live if it’s just a load of samples?

    1. Mark

      Because he’s queuing the samples live. It’s a bit different to producing that song in software and just pressing play.

  2. Murtles

    I think the buttons only advance a pre-recorded track so it doesn’t really matter which one you press. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it now turn off that damn hop hip noise and get back to work ye pesky kids.

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