Is This Yours?



FOUND in Dublin.

This doesn’t normally happen.

Emma writes:

I found a bike outside my house which looked like it had been robbed. You can see a bend in the frame where the lock would have been pulled off. It’s an old bike but I would say someone’s missing it, she looks like she’s cared for. Maybe one of your readers is missing their ride?


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15 thoughts on “Is This Yours?

  1. Mr. T.

    I know a woman who cycles with about five bags hanging out of her shoulders and elbows, all banging off each other and off her legs and feet.

    I’ve no idea how this doesn’t annoy the utter sh*t out of here. It’s also really dangerous.

  2. Kate

    I think its mine! Was robbed about 6 months ago..
    is the little logo all worn off from a chain lock being wrapped under the saddle?
    And is the back wheel a bit buckled? It makes a noise rubbing off the stand?

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