47 thoughts on “A Clash of Civilisations

    1. Dubloony

      I waiting to have a debate with the No canvassers calling to my door – has anyone seen any?

      1. Joe the Lion

        No and I doubt there will be many

        They wouldn’t have the organisation to do it – this is why all the wads are being spilled on posters.

      2. ReproBertie

        No No canvassers but we did get some propaganda from Mothers and Fathers Matter in the door. They listed 7 reasons to vote No. Reason number 5 was to keep ideology out of schools which was delicious irony.

      3. jeremy kyle

        They’ve come and gone at our house I believe (In Cork).

        Unfortunately, I generally ignore anyone who calls to the door with a lanyard round their neck and/or clipboard in their hand so I just went back to drinking my cup of tea and drawing.

          1. jeremy kyle

            Blood, from the children locked in my basement. Then I smear the blood on my naked body, run out onto the street and let stray dogs lick it off.

            Passes the day.

    1. Joe the Lion

      It’s not nice to talk about Clampers like that – oh – you answered yourself – well never mind Jim

    1. Jordofthejungle

      A Dáil seat for Galway East. The last thing Mullen wants is to go back to the Law Library. While only there a wet weekend previously, he never showed or had any great interest in barristering. Easier as a politician for him to implement God’s plan for us and return Ireland to a golden age that never really existed.

  1. Dee Cunniffe

    Argh – the headline is off centre -it hurts my brain. Can we get Cian Brennan to fix it?

  2. scottser

    refreshments at 7 followed by debate at 7.30. you’ve got half an hour to get as sh1t-faced as possible before the sh1te-talk starts. i consider this a worthy challenge..

        1. Odis

          There’s usually plenty of spoons to go round at a Galway function. Maybe they do things differently in Dublin?

  3. John

    is Ronnie the only vote no debater out there? the forgot to put “resident loon” in Ronnie’s bio

    1. newsjustin

      They’re thin on the ground. Can’t blame anyone for not wanting to take the hate dished out to people who dare to suggest a No vote.

          1. newsjustin

            I never said debate is hate. I’m specifically referring to that actual hate that is spewed on Ronan and others who want people to vote no. I’m not talking about the debate at all.

            I’m voting yes. I have no reason to vote No. I don’t hate people who disagree with me though. And I’m interested in their point of view.

          2. Don Pidgeoni

            Given that they think debate is being mean to them, I’m not sure what they count as being hatred towards them. And to be honest, if they had better reasons, they wouldn’t cop it would they? But they are lying and conflating issues and that is stupid lazy politics.

            Yeah, right, pull the other one.

          3. newsjustin

            I’m not interested in what they perceive as being “mean to them”. I’m interested in the way some people hate others who have different opinions to them.

          4. Drogg

            In fairness Ronan was hated for his view points long before marriage equality was on the table and when you lie and abuse your position in the senate for your own personal crusades, you can expect a bit of hate.

          5. newsjustin

            You’ve admitted to the hate yourself Don – if they had “better reasons” they would be spared the hate?

          6. ahjayzis

            “I’m not interested in what they perceive as being “mean to them”. I’m interested in the way some people hate others who have different opinions to them.”

            I don’t hate them because they have a different opinion to me, I hate them because they have a different opinion on how I should live my life, how my state should treat me and what at the very core about what kind of person I am. It’s not a friendly academic debate, the Ronans of the world have opposed every advance in gay rights since decriminalisation.

            That said I will always be respectful and hear them out – but don’t judge me for hating people who devote their lives to limiting mine.

          7. Nially

            I hate the ones who pretty openly think that I’m a sinner who is less good than them, less deserving of rights, and potentially a danger to children. They may not say the word, they may be all smiles and ‘compassion’ and whatnot, but their words and actions towards me and people like me demonstrate a level of hatred too. I don’t hate people who vote No. I hate people who are bigoted and ignorant. If someone provided a good reason to vote No, I wouldn’t consider them bigoted and ignorant. Still waiting for that day.

          8. rotide

            You are confusing ‘Ronan Mullen’ and ‘People who vote no’

            Most people who are going to vote no are not bigots and do not hate you. They are just ignorant and don’t know any better or are blindly following the dogma they have followed all their life.

            Newsjustin is correct, there is a lot of hate poured out here.

          9. Nially

            “They are just ignorant and don’t know any better or are blindly following the dogma they have followed all their life.”

            Ignorance that, at this point, is basically wilful, with real ramifications on my life, isn’t meaningfully distinguishable from “hatred”. Arguing “They don’t hate you, they just agree with and act in line with a number of high-profile figures who do” is pretty cold comfort tbh. (And trust me, from meeting them while canvassing, plenty of them who aren’t Ronan Mullen do hate us)

  4. Clampers Outside!

    Lorraine’s track record would suggest she’ll just might make stuff up to make her point, while Ronan will rely on stuff made up by someone else two thousand years ago.

  5. YourNan

    The earth might implode into a back hole with the aggregate thickness of these two in the same room.

  6. ahjayzis

    Cretin v. Oaf grudge match.
    Chronically-Unelectable-Yet-Still-Entitled Loz versus Continually-On-The -Wrong-Side-Of-History Mullz
    The only loser here is the poor f**kers forced to listen to two utter failures ape their betters.

  7. Em-malicious

    This does not reflect well on the calibre of NUIG graduates.

    I’m in favour of bicameralism but these two, on the one poster, are the single best advert for Dáil dictatorship.

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