What Agnes Did



Mrs Brown.

Wait, please.

On marriage equality.

Written by Brendan O’Carroll.

Directed by Lenny Abrahamson.

The makers say:

Activist Buzz O’Neill and writer Mark O’Halloran approached a team of top Irish filmmakers and asked them to give them their time and expertise pro-bono to make the promo. In addition to Lenny and Brendan, producers Rob Walpole and Rebecca O’Flanagan from Treasure Entertainment came on board to produce the video….



This afternoon.

Rory Cowan, from Mrs brown’s Boys, opening the Yes Equality shop in the Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre, Dublin which will be open for the duration of the campaign. The shop will sell Yes Equality branded materials including T Shirts, totes bags, badges “and other branded goods”.

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

24 thoughts on “What Agnes Did

    1. munkifisht

      Ah yeah sure, d’ye not remember the quite unsavoury comments BOC made on the Christmas edition of QI to Stephen Fry about Jewish people. He asked is any truth in the idea that you can tell Jewish people by looking at them and seeing if their earlobes are higher than their noses. Then said it was hard to tell with Fry (who is of Jewish descent) as his nose is bent.

  1. Davy Jones

    I am in shock .. that’s actually quite good whilst delivering a simple sound message ….love the ending. Well done Agnes !!

  2. Gers

    “their time and expertise” eh? Some serious Michael Bay shit in those camera pans, I tell ya!

  3. Grouse

    I’m having my prejudices unexpectedly challenged this morning. I still feel the same way about gay marriage, but maybe Mrs. Brown isn’t as terrible as I originally believed? This is a very confusing time.

  4. newsjustin

    Everyone saying they “don’t like Mrs Brown normally, but this is great!”

    I have news for you. This is what Mrs. Brown’s Boys is like. A few gags, a bit of gurning, some camp comedy and a feel-good “serious” message based on the down-to-earth wisdom of Mrs Brown.

    Some people are either a) real Mrs Brown fans who won’t admit it or b) just saying they like this because they agree with the message (which is fair enough).

    I’ll come out of the closet – I like Mrs Brown’s Boys and I think this is good.

  5. Nikkeboentje

    I live abroad and hadn’t seen Mrs Brown’s Boys until last Christmas when my mum wanted to watch it. Admittedly you can see the gags coming from a mile off and BOC usually highlights this by breaking the fourth wall, but I thought it was harmless. I couldn’t believe how much my mum enjoyed it (she’s not usually one for swearing and rudeness).
    I thought this message was simple and to the point and it will definitely appeal to the older generation, like my mum, who will be reminded that the sky did not fall down when other marriage regulations were changed.

  6. DepthChargeEthel

    Good and simply delivered message, which I hope does the trick for its intended audience. Nevertheless, I can’t believe I just watched me some Mrs Brown, I am mentally scarred…

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