15 thoughts on “De Thursday Papers

    1. Kieran NYC

      Why wouldn’t we want to pay attention to their elections? They affect us hugely.

      Not least because the possible EU referendum.

        1. Kieran NYC

          Just because I’m not currently living in the country, I’m somehow not Irish?

          Grow up.

    2. Muffy

      Actually Irish citizens resident in the UK can vote in the general election. And there’s a lot of us here . So it’s kinda relevant.

    3. Der

      “I only want to know whats happening in my kitchen, everything outside of that is out of my control!!! ARRHH!!!”

  1. Steve

    Media for the last 6 years: these austerity cuts are harming society ( which I agree with ).

    Media when spring statement is published outlining a return to expansionary budgets : cynical ploy to win votes.

    Why bother being a politician these days?

      1. McKay

        Gotta love the Ivan Yates story on the InDOB – ‘I’m not a mouthpiece’ – published in a DOB paper, works for a DOB station. Only in d’Ireland.

  2. David

    ‘ “Let pupils use Google in GCSEs” says exam chief. ‘

    Kinda ironic story for the Daily Telegrunt.

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