10 thoughts on “Everyone Stay Cool

    1. The Old Boy

      Agreed. I know for a fact that this particular shower have a policy of closing any telebetting accounts that run a consistent profit.

      I think most people know that gambling is a mug’s game, even serial punters. No-one who bets frequently ends up quids in except for the few with really good insider information that they can farm out to their mates to stick on cash bets, and even then it can go belly up. Even the occasional person you hear winning ten grand on a silly accumulator will probably have lost that much before, or will loose it in the future. You never hear about the slips they’ve torn up.

    1. euro88

      or does it just say they’re tagging along – next to nobody will see this compared to PP’s ad. It firmly plants boyle’s as an at best tag along brand.

      This “ad” relies on people thinking of PP first.

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