20 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Off The M50

  1. Sheila

    Gosh. I’ve stuff in SPACE, which is about 250m away from Store It…. eek… thought these places were safe….. NOWHERE IS SAFE!!!

  2. Mad Mike


    My Ming vase, Fabergé egg and disputed Picasso! All gone!

    I hope their insurance pays up.

        1. Kieran NYC

          Oh agreed. But you learn a smiiiiidge more with Storage Wars.

          Even that doesn’t reach the Pawn Stars level of information given.

          Which is a low bar.

  3. #Selfie Face

    I hope their insurance is paid. Some people might be be happy if their goods are destroyed. That’s a claim handlers nightmare that is.

  4. Dash Rickwood

    I’d assume storage is at your own risk? If you don’t need to leave an itemised list with them, how do you prove the value of your goods?

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